Latest in Beauty Advent Calendar Opening - Day 14!

 Bellapierre Cosmetics Loose Pigment in 'Celebration'

This is an absolutely stunning colour first and foremost. It's like a bronzey, rosey, goldy colour all wrapped into one pigment, really lovely, and nothing like I already own. I'd never heard of this brand before, but now that I have heard of it, it keeps cropping up everywhere I go, I saw it in TK Maxx yesterday for example. I was so excited to receive this, but as I said in my video, the consistency is very different to what I was expecting it to feel like. Usually loose pigments are very soft and blend really nicely. This one however, after swatching it on my hand, felt quite coarse and grainy, I don't know if this was the glitter fragments in it or if it was just the product itself. It is very pigmented though and definitely a colour I'd pick out for myself.

I think you can tell from the bottom picture that it hasn't got a very smooth application, but it is amazingly pigmented nevertheless. I just think the colour is absolutely stunning, that I'm not too bothered about the consistency. I put this on today, but I wouldn't use this as an 'all over the lid' colour, but I just patted over the colour I already had on my lid and it looked beautiful. Really like this and spot on for this festive, party season.

Watch my video here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISkV3J4VOBk



Latest in Beauty Advent Calendar Opening - Day 13!

St Tropez 'Instant Glow Body Lotion'

Now I'm not one for tanning except when I go on holiday when sadly I try and expose myself to as much sun as I can (you can't go on holiday and not come back with a tan, that's just embarrassing!) So when I received this I didn't really know how to feel. As I mentioned in my video, I'm terrible, and I mean terrible at applying fake tan. I have tried and failed on numerous occasions, and one time sticks out in my head in particular, but we'll go into that another time. I usually get the stuff all over my hands, and find it difficult to wash off, and end up forgetting between my fingers which ends up being really embarrassing for me. I also really don't like the smell of fake tan. It doesn't bother me that I'm not naturally tanned or I don't really go out of my way when I'm not on holiday to achieve that 'sunkissed' look. I do agree that on some people it looks lovely and natural, but there is a very fine line, that if crossed can be life destroying. However when I tried this it didn't have that horrible smell, and it didn't seem to stain my hands as much as other ones I've tried have, despite the colour of it! It has a really nice shimmer, and it is an added bonus that it's an 'instant' glow body lotion. It doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky or anything, so if you were in a rush to go out or something, there's no time wasted waiting for your fake tan to dry. Although saying that, it's not really a fake tan, more like a tinted body lotion which I think I prefer the sound of, and much more suited to my preferences.

Here is the before and after:

Top - No Lotion / Bottom - Lotion 

I don't know if this is just me but I can definitely see the difference. It's a nice gradual bit of colour which I much prefer to a heavy coat of colour, and makes me feel a bit more confident too!

What are your opinions on fake tan?



Latest in Beauty Advent Calendar Opening - Day 12!

Balance Me Radiance Face Oil

This is something that I might considering purchasing once it's run out. I usually use this at night, before I put my night cream on, although it's not really necessary to put a cream on top, it's really moisturising. I was petrified of putting oil on my face for fear that it would add fuel to fire and my face would be spot central. But having done some research on face oils, I learnt that oil is very balancing, hydrating and is comfortable to wear, which I agree with. I've sort of hesitated to use it in the morning before applying my make up, as I've started to used water based foundations, and we all know that water + oil = messy. I wouldn't want my foundation to not apply properly or even slip off. But I feel 100% comfortable using this in the night time, and every morning I wake up, my skin feels lovely and hydrated. Oil is supposed to be really good at combatting congested skin, which is what I've got at the moment. I don't find the rollerball particularly convenient and it's quite unhygienic, but with it being oil, I suppose it's the most practical. I've tried Balance Me products before, and have enjoyed those also. They're full of natural goodies. So, so far I'm really loving this!

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Latest in Beauty Advent Calendar Opening - Day 11!

Jo Hansford Intensive Masque

So I've used this a couple of times and it's a nice product, but nothing I'd go out of my way to buy. It has a really lovely scent, it smells like oranges but really nice oranges. I don't have coloured hair anymore as I got my dip-dye cut off, but I thought, an intensive masque is an intensive masque right? You can use to it hydrate dry hair as well, which at the moment, I don't have either but I do like to treat my hair to a little extra moisture every so often. You can use it as often as daily, or as little as weekly, the latter is what I'm trying to do, because my hair isn't anywhere near as dry as it used to be so I don't want to over-hydrate it incase it becomes greasy and difficult to style. It's just a nice little hair pick me up once a week. 

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Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Make Up Foundation Review!

 The (italic-ed and underlined for super emphasis) most beautiful foundation that I've discovered recently. I've told you before that I've always eyed this up but have never been too confident in spending a stonking £36 on it. But as it's Christmas, my lovely mummy swooped in to save the day! I can't remember if I mentioned in a video that I had the sample of it, I'm pretty sure I did. Well anyway, having tried the sample, as soon as it was buffed into my skin, I knew it was love. Now you are probably aware that I'm not a fan of light coverage foundations, and I was very skeptical about this one seeing as it's very water based, but my god was I wrong. I wouldn't compare it to Chanel's Vitalumiere aqua, as I don't think you can compare. This wins for me hands down. When you're applying it to your skin, you feel as if it won't spread or give much coverage, but it really, really does.

Here are some photo's:

I mean just look at the last photo and the difference from the first one. I'm not exaggerating or lying to you! And that's on my hand, imagine it on your face! Now I'm not saying this has taken over from my MAC Studio Sculpt, because they are extremely different, but I really do love it.



December 2012 Glossybox

  'December Glossybox 2012'

Well isn't that just a sight for sore eyes? My,my,my Glossybox you just keep getting better and better don't you? To be quite honest, as I said in my video, the box was enough to throw me even before I'd opened it up to reveal this beautiful array of products!! I just think they are the best beauty subscription box out there! Before they used to be okay, and the products were nice but oh good god, now they're just showing off really...

Rituals Magic Touch Body Cream in Cherry Blossom and Rice Milk
Well.. again with this whole 'whipped' theme, I think it just attracts me, like my love for Soap and Glory's 'Whipped Clean', now don't go getting any ideas, but I think it just makes products sound so lovely and light and fluffy. The consistency of this is just beautiful, and I don't know why but it just seems to apply so much nicer than any creams of the 'un-whipped' kind. I tried a little on my arm, and it felt and smelt amazing, and my dad seemed to agree also, which is a massive compliment as he usually hates smellies and fiffy-faffy products. He likes things to just do the job, plain and simple. So coming from him and myself, Rituals get a big thumbs up!

Seche Nail Lacquer in 'Aristocrat'
I'm torn, I like this colour a lot, although I haven't yet swatched it, but I don't think it would be a colour that would call out to me if I was standing in Boots perusing the nail polishes. But I'm glad I got this colour, I'm always open to try something new. I think purple is the colour I've got least in in my humungous nail polish collection, I have lilacs and deep purples but I've never owned or even contemplated owning something this colour. The more I look at it though, the more I really start to like it. This is also the first Seche nail varnish I've owned, strangely enough I don't own the infamous Seche Vite, which is strange because I thought I would have owned it by now, as I'm a sucker for overhyped products! But fingers crossed they're nail varnishes are as good as the Seche Vite, so I'm very, very excited about this! 

Milk_Shake Conditioning Whipped Cream
Oh Glossybox you shouldn't have! Another whipped product! It's like they're inside my head. As soon as this was in my hands it was love. I gave it a shake and it came out all whipped and creamy, and it smells edible. It smells like strawberry and vanilla milkshake, hence the name I'm guessing. It applied beautifully in my hair, which was another bonus, and on top of that, it made my hair feel amazingly soft. It claims to keep moisture balance and preserves hair colour integrity, I haven't used it long enough to say that it does that, but that's what's in store for my hair, then I'm on board!

Sleek i-Divine Ultra Mattes V2 Palette
I was just gobsmacked that they sent us a full sleek palette! Okay, I know that Sleek is very affordable and is a drugstore brand but I'd say it's the one of the highest drugstore brands we have, but still! There are colours in here that I don't really like and probably won't use, like Orbit, Highness and Fern. Don't get me wrong they are lovely colours, but I like to stick to my safety neutral blanket. As with any Sleek palette, they are amazingly pigmented. Here are some swatches I did earlier:

From left to right : Orbit, Ink, Highness, Noir, Dune, Pillow Talk

From left to right: Thunder, Maple, Flesh, Paper Bag, Villan, Fern 

See how nicely pigmented they are? I mean Dune and Flesh don't really show up, but that's because of their colour and not their pigmentation. Normally I'm a shimmer kind of gal, but I'm sure I have enough room in my make up back for these beauties.

Anatomicals Strawberry Milkshake Fruity Lip Gloss
As I said in my video, I'm really not a lip gloss girl, never really have been. So there isn't much I can say about this other than how delicious it smells. Another edible one I'm thinking. But who knows, I might try it one day and really like it, as for right this minute, I'm not in any rush.

Glossybox Blusher in 'Glossy Rose Wood'
I think this blusher is so, so lovely! It's so subtle and I just love it to pieces. Beautifully pigmented, and pretty long lasting surprisingly! It just gives such a nice flush to the cheeks and I think it really compliments my skin tone, actually saying that, I think it would compliment a lot of skin tones!

Overall I think it was a wonderful box, and my loyalties lie with Glossybox for yet another month! Can't wait for next months box now!

Watch the video here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvTTw_IUY00



Latest in Beauty Advent Calendar Opening - Day Ten!

'Dermalogica Favourites Pack'

I was beyond pleased to receive this little pack of joy. After having received the Daily Microfoliant in my November Glossybox and absolutely flipping loving it, I was very excited to try more of their products. I will be doing a separate review on the microfoliant at some point.

Special Cleansing Gel
So this was going to be a difficult product for me to try anyway because of my biased view on other cleansers, being an avid Liz Earle fanatic. But as I've mentioned before, I take the majority of my make up with a wipe before cleansing anyway as it just makes me feel more comfortable. I've never tried a gel formula cleanser before, so I was a bit apprehensive. But it was really nice to use, very gentle on my skin which is always a bonus. It's supposed to remove impurities without disturbing the skin's natural balance, remove excess oils and calm skin. I don't have oily skin at all so I was a bit scared about it removing my excess oils as I don't really have any, but it didn't seem to leave my skin feeling tight or dehydrated which was nice. The only thing I don't think it did was calm my skin. I liked the sound of this as I'm having an ongoing battle at the moment, with a patch of skin between my eyebrows and it's very angry. But this didn't seem to calm it at all, but nevertheless it's a nice product, not life changing though. 

Skin Smoothing Cream
Again this is going to be another biased opinion as I'm one of those people who doesn't really like change, once I've found my products, I like to stick to my guns and carry on repurchasing them. Saying that I do like to try things out every so often if I'm feeling 'daring'. This cream is for normal to dry skin which is what I have and it's supposed to increase the skin's moisture level whilst softening and smoothing skin also. This being a medium-weight moisturiser, I wasn't quite sure about how this was possible. I didn't really notice anything when I tried it to be honest, and with such a small sample, I wasn't sure if this was going to give the product enough of a chance to increase my skin's moisture levels! Wasn't really a product that I'd like to repurchase, I've enjoyed using it, but again not life changing. 

Multivitamin Power Firm
Being 21, I don't feel ready to start using all these serums and anti-ageing products, but I'm starting to think it can never be too late. I had a read of the Dermalogica product information of this product and through some of the reviews and the majority of them are positive. People are suggesting that it's the 'chapstick for the eyes', which personally I thought was great! I'm still pretty new at eye creams and stuff and I'm not sure whether to dab or rub, whether to put over your moisturiser or before etc. But when I tried it, it seemed to make my under eyes feel very moisturised! I have extremely sensitive under eyes, and they are prone to stinging usually, ( not anymore as I've configured my skincare down to a tee!) but this didn't sting my under eyes, as some eye creams have done in the past and I like that a lot! I still don't think this is a necessity in my skincare collection but it was most definitely a real treat!

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Latest in Beauty Advent Calendar Opening - Day Nine!

'Bioeffect EGF Serum'

Right so I'm a major serum newbie, and if I'm honest I'm not really sure how to use them. This little one didn't come with any instructions which was a bummer, but having read a few reviews and did my research I discovered a lot about this product.

So serums are a big deal. This one in particular was hailed as the next big thing in the serum game. This is an anti-ageing serum and it contains EGF: Epidermal Growth Factor, ‘a substance which occurs naturally in human skin and which has the ability to speed up the rate of cell turnover within the skin.’ This EGF stuff won the creator a nobel prize which is a massive deal. According to the Latest in Beauty website, "just a tiny amount of the serum is enough to see an improvement in complexion and reduce wrinkles, pores and pigmentation by stimulating and accelerating natural skin renewal. The advanced formula contains just nine ingredients and no fragrance, colouring or preservatives". This all sounds absolutely amazing. I have only just started using it properly, but haven't had any signs of any of that thus far, but I will keep using it! Before doing my research I thought this was going to be another product that was overhyped, but after I have found out that all this sciencey stuff has got me really excited to continue using this! Of course I will update you and it might find it's way into my favourites!

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Latest in Beauty Advent Calendar Opening - Day Eight!

Philosophy 'Purity' 3-in1 Facial Cleanser

The 'Marmite' cult product of the beauty world, you either love it or you hate it. I've been toying with myself whether just to take the plunge and risk spending a ridiculous amount on a product that I could potentially hate. Now I don't have a posh Clarisonic Mia 2 to pair this with, I just have good old fashioned water and my hands. It promises a lot of things:  dissolves dirt, oil and make up, while maintaining skins moisture levels, and it's gentle enough for sensitive skin and for use around the eyes. I'll give it that, it is very gentle. I, like a lot of people, like to wipe the majority of my make up off with a wipe before cleansing, so I'm a bit useless in letting you know how the dissolving went, but if it helps, it didn't appear to leave any stubborn mascara or foundation on. I'm an avid user of Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, I love the stuff, so any cleansing competitor had a lot of work to do anyway. But for some reason I just don't think that it has anything on Liz Earle, she seems to agree much better with my skin than this does. My skin felt a little bit greasy after? Has anyone else had that feeling? Well it just didn't feel clean. Also looking back on my Day 6 Product Review, I mentioned one or a mixture of these new products had given me a slight skin irritation, which I'm not happy about, whether it's this, I'm not too sure. I certainly don't think this is worth the price as it did no wonders to my skin, but I like the size, it will be perfect to take away with you.

What are your thoughts on this product? Are you a philosophy lover or hater?

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Latest in Beauty Advent Calendar Opening - Day Seven!

 Perricone MD 'No Foundation Foundation'

As you guys know, I'm all about the coverage! My skin without make up really isn't that bad at all, but I love having something that gives me a flawless look, with no blotchiness or anything. So immediately this didn't appeal to me. I'm really not a fan of BB creams, tinted moisturisers or anything similar. Now it's not a tinted moisturiser but it feels like it works in the same way. I feel as if I'm the only one, as a lot of people seem to obsess over BB creams, but I'm really not one of them! I feel physically and mentally uncomfortable having them on. I feel like my skin feels greasy and too dewy, I mean I like dewy but that much dew! But having tried this out a once, I do actually quite like it. Here is a before and after photo (excuse my lazy eye) :

As you can see here there is a decent amount of coverage and has covered up some of the blemishes on my cheeks and masked my bags (hallelujah!). But I'm still warming to it, it's not something I'd purchase I think. My favourite foundation of all time is MAC's Studio Sculpt, and that is a full coverage foundation, and it's my favourite for a reason. Although it would be lovely to look as if I'm wearing no make up and effortlessly perfect, I personally don't see the point in hiding the fact you're wearing make up if you are, I mean it's going to be obvious either way. So although I've enjoyed using it, I don't think it will be making its way into my make up bag anytime soon. 

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with me? 

Watch my opening video here:


Latest in Beauty Advent Calendar Opening - Day Six!

ESPA Lift & Firm Skincare

Right so I have a bit of a dilemma with this advent calendar, as lovely as it is (which is really, really is), I think it's making my skin a bit confused! Obviously I'm writing this way after I opened the 6th door, so I don't know whether it's this or the other skincare products I received after this opening. But between my eyebrows I've now got a slight skin irritation, there's just loads of tiny little bumps, which is making me a very unhappy bunny, as it's making my foundation look crappy. I don't know if it's this product in particular, the abundance of different products I'm shoving on my face or another sample that I'm using. Rant over, now onto the product review. 

I've always seen ESPA around but it had never really crossed my mind to try any of their products. The first out of the two products was the 'Lift & Firm Moisturiser'. It claims to smooth lines, help lift the skin's structure, minimises line and boosts cell regeneration for younger looking, smoother, soft and supple skin. Right so I've never actually purchased an anti-ageing product myself before, at least I don't think so. In my mind, I still myself as being too young to start layering on the anti-ageing stuff, but I suppose that it might be better to start off young? I'm not sure, still very undecided on when the right age is to start using them is. I've used it alongside the 'Lift & Firm Intensive Eye Serum' a couple of times, but neither times have I really noticed any of the list of promises. Again, I don't know if it's because there's nothing really to minimise or lift. But it smells very herbally but I quite like it, and it does leave your skin feeling soft. As for any of the other promises, no such luck. They're nice products and I've enjoyed using them, but I think it's safe to say that I won't be running to John Lewis to purchase these anytime soon. What's your opinion on using anti-ageing products in your early 20's downwards? When do you think is the primetime to start using them? 

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Latest in Beauty Advent Calendar Opening - Day Five!

Richard Ward Volumiser Root Booster

Now this product is a bit of a weird one for me. Having been told by my mother that Richard Ward was a famous hair stylist, you'd usually have a certain idea in your head that this product would be mindblowingly good. However, in my personal opinion this is another 'meh' product that I think will be sitting in my drawer for a number of years. Before I had my hair cut, because I hadn't had it cut for donkey's years, it started to become a bit flat (bit being an understatement) and it basically wasn't doing me any favours. I'm really not one for the the whole sleek, non flyaway hair style, I like a bit of oomph and grit to my hair, so when I received this product I was really excited! I tried it twice before I got my hair cut, and I'm not going to lie to you, it made my hair look awful. It didn't volumise or root boost my hair whatsoever it just made it look awful. I'm pretty sure it just did the opposite. Maybe I'm using it in the wrong way but I just don't like it, I'm sorry Richard, but I just don't. Maybe I'll give it a go when I'm having a 2 consecutive days at home kinda thang, and see how it goes when nobody can see me!

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Latest in Beauty Advent Calendar Opening - Day Four!

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

Having never tried a L'Occitane product before despite the fact that everyone seems to love them, it was a lovely surprise to receive this. Unfortunately the winter weather does effect my hands quite badly and they do get very dry! I tried a bit of this on the back of my hand and discovered it has a very thick, rich formula, which of course is very suitable for curing chapped hands in this weather. Having had a look at the product information of this hand cream, it is four times award winning, which alone is very impressive! Three out of four of those awards were 'best hand cream', so this makes me very, very excited to try this product further and potentially invest! It has honey, almond extracts and coconut oil alongside the shea butter, which are all well known for being very moisturising and nourishing. So a big thumbs up from me and as ever I will keep you updated!

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Latest in Beauty Advent Calendar Opening - Day Three!

Benefit 'They're Real!' Mascara 

Now I'm not going to hype this product up a lot, as it's already one of the most hyped beauty products of this year! And I think if something is overhyped it can ruin your impression of the product. But I have heard mixed reviews of it, some people really get on with it, whereas people like my mother, saw it as a bit of a 'meh' product and wasn't really that impressed. But in my opinion it is a very good mascara, and because I've recently stopped wearing liquid eyeliner, I've really noticed the benefits (see what I did there?) of what it's doing to my eyelashes. They do look very long indeed and I have no complaints about it at all.
Moving on to the actual product I received in my advent calendar. This was a 30ml sample, which I am totally fine with, for two reasons. One, that if I hadn't tried this product before, it would be a satisfactory sample to try before buying (which is actually the Latest in Beauty slogan). And two, that I can pop this little one into my handbag make up bag, or travel make up bag (if I actually ever left the UK!). 
So despite the fact I already have this product I was very happy to receive a small version of it!

Watch my Day Three opening here:


Latest in Beauty Advent Calendar - Day Two!

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Eyelash Curler

Here we have day two's advent calendar product! Now I'm not going to lie, having had a look on the 'Latest in Beauty' website, and knowing what brands and products to sort of expect, this was one of the ones I was looking forward to least. As I mentioned in my video, I've never been one for using eyelash curlers, as I've luckily been blessed with relatively long eyelashes, and I'm also not keen on having something that mechanical looking being that close to my eyeballs, like some Saw movie nightmare. However recently I've been becoming more and more curious about using them. While off camera, I gave them a go whilst wearing mascara and they seemed to make my eyelashes look a lot longer, however the next day I used it before I applied mascara and they had absolutely no effect on my eyelashes whatsoever. Perhaps I'm using the wrong technique, although I don't see how I could be, but having tried these has pushed me away from my curiosity of them. Don't get me wrong, I can totally see why people like using them, but without sounding like I'm bragging, I think the reason they didn't work 'mascara-less' on me, was because my eyelashes are doing okay by themselves without curling. However I will continue to try them, and keep you updated! As for now, I'm not an eyelash curler convert unfortunately!

Watch my Day Two Opening here:


Latest in Beauty Advent Calendar Opening - Day One!

Mavala Nail Varnish in 'Rouge Rubis'

First and foremost, you'll have to excuse my awful nail beds and cuticles (it is winter after all, and I will use this as an excuse and not blame it on my laziness!) But here we have the first product in my amazing advent calendar. Having already seen it a couple of days prior to the 1st of December on Louise's channel (sprinkleofglitter), you would assume that it would have been a massive anti-climax for me. Although I may not have shown it whilst opening it live on my YouTube channel, after having a play around with it, I started to really fall in love with it. 
Despite the adorable packaging, which was enough for me to like it (I'm easily impressed), with its dinky little box and stuck on plastic angel wings which you could also use as a tree decoration, it was the nail varnish itself which really impressed me. I've never tried a Mavala nail varnish before, but have always been keen to. It's one of those brands which I now consider as a little hidden treasure. In the UK we have a lot of nail varnish brands from OPI, to Essie, to Models Own, but you never really hear of many people talking about Mavala, but I think this needs to change! 
When I applied the first coat, as most red nail varnishes do, it painted on as a sort of cherry red, but it is most definitely buildable, which I quite like. This first 'cherry red' colour was very pigmented in itself so you could just leave it at that, or you could build it up like I did. I think I did 3 coats to achieve the pictured red, yet it didn't dry gloopily. 'Rouge rubis' which translates as red ruby in french is pretty spot on as the glitter in the nail varnish is very, very fine but there's lots of it which I've never had in a nail varnish. I've had it on for 2 days now and it hasn't chipped, I also don't want to take it off! Fact is I really, really like it and it's a lovely, christmassy play on a very classic nail varnish.

Watch my Day One Opening here:



Soap & Glory 'Whipped Clean' and ' Smoothie Star' Review

Just the most perfect duo for me by far (body wise). As I mentioned in my video, which I will link at the end, it just leaves your skin feeling so moisturised! The two of them put together seem to push all my sensory buttons. They smell, feel, and I want to say taste, because they really do smell good enough to eat (BUT DON'T!) amazing! I just feel like my longing for a good shower and body butter combination days are well and truly over. There is absolutely no doubt that I will go back again and again to repurchase these bad boys because they're that good! So much so that even if I drop a bit in the shower, it pretty much breaks my heart. They are on the more expensive side of the general shower gel and body butter spectrum but in terms of Soap and Glory, they are pretty cheap I'd say. The shower butter is £8.00 and the body buttercream is £10.50, but in my eyes it's most definitely money well spent. 

'Whipped Clean' Shower Butter

This beautiful product here is simply amazing. As I mentioned in my video, I've never actually had a shower product that's really had any effect on the feeling of my skin, yes it's made me smell nice, but never has it had a massive impact on my skin. However this product does remarkable things, makes me smell amazing and makes my skin feel amazing, moisturised, nourished and actually lasts for a while without leaving a nasty film on my skin. I've been using it for maybe a week and a half to two weeks now, and I wouldn't say I've used a lot of the bottle, yet I'm already getting paranoid that I will run out, explaining why I now own 3 of them! If you don't like sweet smells, then (unfortunately) this isn't the product for you as the smells of almond, pistachio and sweet vanilla are all quite overpowering but not in a bad way, if you are one of those people who didn't bode well with sweet smells then I'd just stick to the products that have that classic S&G smell. 

'Smoothie Star' Body Buttercream

Even the name of it sounds edible! It, like the 'Whipped Clean', smells good enough to eat! They work in a very similar way in that they have similar textures, very thick, but very light and airy (comparable to whipped cream) and it feels exactly the same on the skin. It's extremely moisturising but at the same time it doesn't feel heavy, greasy or sticky on the skin and it sinks in beautifully and almost instantly!

I don't have any complaints, or anything bad to say about these products in the slightest! And it's imperative you all go out and buy some now!

Link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsMzHyNZtUQ


The LGD - The (not so little) Grey Dress

Right so to start off, not so long ago I wouldn't have been caught dead in a midi or a maxi length dress. I used to associate them with being quite granny-esque and a bit ick. But having started off with baby steps in the summer, wearing my beautiful Zara maxi skirts, I've started really quite liking the length, and I think for my figure, they are really quite flattering, covering up all my lumps and bumps! I spotted this one in Topshop recently and I thought, what the hell, I'll just try it on and see how it goes. While I was in the (ginormous) queue for the changing rooms, I was picturing in my head all the different things I could pair with this outfit. Because of it's colour and because it's so basic, the possibilities are endless in the outfits you could piece together with this dress as the centrepiece. All my clothes have prints, or motifs or are just so busy that I could never get away with wearing them more than once in one week (after being washed of course!) or without having to wear them with the same thing I usually wear with them. It was beginning to really aggravate me , so I decided that plain and basic was the way forward. That's why I love this dress so much, it's so versatile! Below I've included two of many ways that I would wear this dress just by changing whats on top:

Sorry for the awful phone quality photos! But as you might be able to see, the first picture is the dress by itself, just with some tights and my black Topshop 'Mighty' boots and the rose gold necklace I'm wearing in the bottom left. Simple yet effective I think. The next is a dressier option with my old Topshop sheer navy blue polka dot shirt over the top. Perfect for a night out or a date. Then the last outfit (bottom right) is a more casual approach. I've teamed the LGD with a checked/flannel shirt which I think is my favourite look. Bit grungy but slightly 'feminine-d' up with the dress. Now you can see my love for this dress and the different and diverse ways of styling it. Definitely going to look for more of these styles of dress. Just goes to show that stepping out of you style comfort zone could work out for the best! 


Winter Coat

        So this is my most recent purchase, and I'm not going to lie to you, if I could marry a item of clothing, it would be this. I've wanted it for a while, since the first time I saw it in Zara but only recently have I realised my need for a new winter coat. I took this as the perfect opportunity to strike! I'd tried it on yesterday for the first time and I wanted it ridiculous amounts, but the price put me off. It was 139 pounds, and having just been paid, I couldn't justify spending that amount of money on a coat. 

I'd posted this photo on my instagram and I'd received some really positive comments on it, which of course, made me want it so much more! I called my mum, and she told me to buy it, I also called one of my best friends, and she too told me to buy it. And this is where that awful coined phrase "YOLO" came to me, and I went into a different Zara and tried to find it. They didn't have my size, so I made a deal with myself, that if they didn't have my size in the back, then it was meant to be and I was not supposed to have this coat. But when the sales assistant returned with it in her hands, I discovered that it was 10 pounds cheaper and the detailing was marginally different. The two pictures of the coats are actually different. The top photo is the one I actually purchased (the cheaper one at 129 pounds) and has leather shoulder things, and one less pocket. The bottom photo coat, had an adjacent pocket on the side but it was a fake pocket, despite having the zip detailing. I do hate it when they put fake pockets in, I am 100% a pocket kind of gal. So there we have it a tale of two lovers, me and my beautiful new winter coat. Hope you enjoyed it! xoxo