Winter Coat

        So this is my most recent purchase, and I'm not going to lie to you, if I could marry a item of clothing, it would be this. I've wanted it for a while, since the first time I saw it in Zara but only recently have I realised my need for a new winter coat. I took this as the perfect opportunity to strike! I'd tried it on yesterday for the first time and I wanted it ridiculous amounts, but the price put me off. It was 139 pounds, and having just been paid, I couldn't justify spending that amount of money on a coat. 

I'd posted this photo on my instagram and I'd received some really positive comments on it, which of course, made me want it so much more! I called my mum, and she told me to buy it, I also called one of my best friends, and she too told me to buy it. And this is where that awful coined phrase "YOLO" came to me, and I went into a different Zara and tried to find it. They didn't have my size, so I made a deal with myself, that if they didn't have my size in the back, then it was meant to be and I was not supposed to have this coat. But when the sales assistant returned with it in her hands, I discovered that it was 10 pounds cheaper and the detailing was marginally different. The two pictures of the coats are actually different. The top photo is the one I actually purchased (the cheaper one at 129 pounds) and has leather shoulder things, and one less pocket. The bottom photo coat, had an adjacent pocket on the side but it was a fake pocket, despite having the zip detailing. I do hate it when they put fake pockets in, I am 100% a pocket kind of gal. So there we have it a tale of two lovers, me and my beautiful new winter coat. Hope you enjoyed it! xoxo