Soap & Glory 'Whipped Clean' and ' Smoothie Star' Review

Just the most perfect duo for me by far (body wise). As I mentioned in my video, which I will link at the end, it just leaves your skin feeling so moisturised! The two of them put together seem to push all my sensory buttons. They smell, feel, and I want to say taste, because they really do smell good enough to eat (BUT DON'T!) amazing! I just feel like my longing for a good shower and body butter combination days are well and truly over. There is absolutely no doubt that I will go back again and again to repurchase these bad boys because they're that good! So much so that even if I drop a bit in the shower, it pretty much breaks my heart. They are on the more expensive side of the general shower gel and body butter spectrum but in terms of Soap and Glory, they are pretty cheap I'd say. The shower butter is £8.00 and the body buttercream is £10.50, but in my eyes it's most definitely money well spent. 

'Whipped Clean' Shower Butter

This beautiful product here is simply amazing. As I mentioned in my video, I've never actually had a shower product that's really had any effect on the feeling of my skin, yes it's made me smell nice, but never has it had a massive impact on my skin. However this product does remarkable things, makes me smell amazing and makes my skin feel amazing, moisturised, nourished and actually lasts for a while without leaving a nasty film on my skin. I've been using it for maybe a week and a half to two weeks now, and I wouldn't say I've used a lot of the bottle, yet I'm already getting paranoid that I will run out, explaining why I now own 3 of them! If you don't like sweet smells, then (unfortunately) this isn't the product for you as the smells of almond, pistachio and sweet vanilla are all quite overpowering but not in a bad way, if you are one of those people who didn't bode well with sweet smells then I'd just stick to the products that have that classic S&G smell. 

'Smoothie Star' Body Buttercream

Even the name of it sounds edible! It, like the 'Whipped Clean', smells good enough to eat! They work in a very similar way in that they have similar textures, very thick, but very light and airy (comparable to whipped cream) and it feels exactly the same on the skin. It's extremely moisturising but at the same time it doesn't feel heavy, greasy or sticky on the skin and it sinks in beautifully and almost instantly!

I don't have any complaints, or anything bad to say about these products in the slightest! And it's imperative you all go out and buy some now!

Link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsMzHyNZtUQ

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