The LGD - The (not so little) Grey Dress

Right so to start off, not so long ago I wouldn't have been caught dead in a midi or a maxi length dress. I used to associate them with being quite granny-esque and a bit ick. But having started off with baby steps in the summer, wearing my beautiful Zara maxi skirts, I've started really quite liking the length, and I think for my figure, they are really quite flattering, covering up all my lumps and bumps! I spotted this one in Topshop recently and I thought, what the hell, I'll just try it on and see how it goes. While I was in the (ginormous) queue for the changing rooms, I was picturing in my head all the different things I could pair with this outfit. Because of it's colour and because it's so basic, the possibilities are endless in the outfits you could piece together with this dress as the centrepiece. All my clothes have prints, or motifs or are just so busy that I could never get away with wearing them more than once in one week (after being washed of course!) or without having to wear them with the same thing I usually wear with them. It was beginning to really aggravate me , so I decided that plain and basic was the way forward. That's why I love this dress so much, it's so versatile! Below I've included two of many ways that I would wear this dress just by changing whats on top:

Sorry for the awful phone quality photos! But as you might be able to see, the first picture is the dress by itself, just with some tights and my black Topshop 'Mighty' boots and the rose gold necklace I'm wearing in the bottom left. Simple yet effective I think. The next is a dressier option with my old Topshop sheer navy blue polka dot shirt over the top. Perfect for a night out or a date. Then the last outfit (bottom right) is a more casual approach. I've teamed the LGD with a checked/flannel shirt which I think is my favourite look. Bit grungy but slightly 'feminine-d' up with the dress. Now you can see my love for this dress and the different and diverse ways of styling it. Definitely going to look for more of these styles of dress. Just goes to show that stepping out of you style comfort zone could work out for the best! 

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