Latest in Beauty Advent Calendar Opening - Day Five!

Richard Ward Volumiser Root Booster

Now this product is a bit of a weird one for me. Having been told by my mother that Richard Ward was a famous hair stylist, you'd usually have a certain idea in your head that this product would be mindblowingly good. However, in my personal opinion this is another 'meh' product that I think will be sitting in my drawer for a number of years. Before I had my hair cut, because I hadn't had it cut for donkey's years, it started to become a bit flat (bit being an understatement) and it basically wasn't doing me any favours. I'm really not one for the the whole sleek, non flyaway hair style, I like a bit of oomph and grit to my hair, so when I received this product I was really excited! I tried it twice before I got my hair cut, and I'm not going to lie to you, it made my hair look awful. It didn't volumise or root boost my hair whatsoever it just made it look awful. I'm pretty sure it just did the opposite. Maybe I'm using it in the wrong way but I just don't like it, I'm sorry Richard, but I just don't. Maybe I'll give it a go when I'm having a 2 consecutive days at home kinda thang, and see how it goes when nobody can see me!

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