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St Tropez 'Instant Glow Body Lotion'

Now I'm not one for tanning except when I go on holiday when sadly I try and expose myself to as much sun as I can (you can't go on holiday and not come back with a tan, that's just embarrassing!) So when I received this I didn't really know how to feel. As I mentioned in my video, I'm terrible, and I mean terrible at applying fake tan. I have tried and failed on numerous occasions, and one time sticks out in my head in particular, but we'll go into that another time. I usually get the stuff all over my hands, and find it difficult to wash off, and end up forgetting between my fingers which ends up being really embarrassing for me. I also really don't like the smell of fake tan. It doesn't bother me that I'm not naturally tanned or I don't really go out of my way when I'm not on holiday to achieve that 'sunkissed' look. I do agree that on some people it looks lovely and natural, but there is a very fine line, that if crossed can be life destroying. However when I tried this it didn't have that horrible smell, and it didn't seem to stain my hands as much as other ones I've tried have, despite the colour of it! It has a really nice shimmer, and it is an added bonus that it's an 'instant' glow body lotion. It doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky or anything, so if you were in a rush to go out or something, there's no time wasted waiting for your fake tan to dry. Although saying that, it's not really a fake tan, more like a tinted body lotion which I think I prefer the sound of, and much more suited to my preferences.

Here is the before and after:

Top - No Lotion / Bottom - Lotion 

I don't know if this is just me but I can definitely see the difference. It's a nice gradual bit of colour which I much prefer to a heavy coat of colour, and makes me feel a bit more confident too!

What are your opinions on fake tan?


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