Latest in Beauty Advent Calendar Opening - Day Ten!

'Dermalogica Favourites Pack'

I was beyond pleased to receive this little pack of joy. After having received the Daily Microfoliant in my November Glossybox and absolutely flipping loving it, I was very excited to try more of their products. I will be doing a separate review on the microfoliant at some point.

Special Cleansing Gel
So this was going to be a difficult product for me to try anyway because of my biased view on other cleansers, being an avid Liz Earle fanatic. But as I've mentioned before, I take the majority of my make up with a wipe before cleansing anyway as it just makes me feel more comfortable. I've never tried a gel formula cleanser before, so I was a bit apprehensive. But it was really nice to use, very gentle on my skin which is always a bonus. It's supposed to remove impurities without disturbing the skin's natural balance, remove excess oils and calm skin. I don't have oily skin at all so I was a bit scared about it removing my excess oils as I don't really have any, but it didn't seem to leave my skin feeling tight or dehydrated which was nice. The only thing I don't think it did was calm my skin. I liked the sound of this as I'm having an ongoing battle at the moment, with a patch of skin between my eyebrows and it's very angry. But this didn't seem to calm it at all, but nevertheless it's a nice product, not life changing though. 

Skin Smoothing Cream
Again this is going to be another biased opinion as I'm one of those people who doesn't really like change, once I've found my products, I like to stick to my guns and carry on repurchasing them. Saying that I do like to try things out every so often if I'm feeling 'daring'. This cream is for normal to dry skin which is what I have and it's supposed to increase the skin's moisture level whilst softening and smoothing skin also. This being a medium-weight moisturiser, I wasn't quite sure about how this was possible. I didn't really notice anything when I tried it to be honest, and with such a small sample, I wasn't sure if this was going to give the product enough of a chance to increase my skin's moisture levels! Wasn't really a product that I'd like to repurchase, I've enjoyed using it, but again not life changing. 

Multivitamin Power Firm
Being 21, I don't feel ready to start using all these serums and anti-ageing products, but I'm starting to think it can never be too late. I had a read of the Dermalogica product information of this product and through some of the reviews and the majority of them are positive. People are suggesting that it's the 'chapstick for the eyes', which personally I thought was great! I'm still pretty new at eye creams and stuff and I'm not sure whether to dab or rub, whether to put over your moisturiser or before etc. But when I tried it, it seemed to make my under eyes feel very moisturised! I have extremely sensitive under eyes, and they are prone to stinging usually, ( not anymore as I've configured my skincare down to a tee!) but this didn't sting my under eyes, as some eye creams have done in the past and I like that a lot! I still don't think this is a necessity in my skincare collection but it was most definitely a real treat!

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