Latest in Beauty Advent Calendar Opening - Day 12!

Balance Me Radiance Face Oil

This is something that I might considering purchasing once it's run out. I usually use this at night, before I put my night cream on, although it's not really necessary to put a cream on top, it's really moisturising. I was petrified of putting oil on my face for fear that it would add fuel to fire and my face would be spot central. But having done some research on face oils, I learnt that oil is very balancing, hydrating and is comfortable to wear, which I agree with. I've sort of hesitated to use it in the morning before applying my make up, as I've started to used water based foundations, and we all know that water + oil = messy. I wouldn't want my foundation to not apply properly or even slip off. But I feel 100% comfortable using this in the night time, and every morning I wake up, my skin feels lovely and hydrated. Oil is supposed to be really good at combatting congested skin, which is what I've got at the moment. I don't find the rollerball particularly convenient and it's quite unhygienic, but with it being oil, I suppose it's the most practical. I've tried Balance Me products before, and have enjoyed those also. They're full of natural goodies. So, so far I'm really loving this!

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