Neal's Yard 'Bee-Lovely To Your Hands' Hand Cream

Neal's Yard 'Bee-Lovely To Your Hands' Hand Cream (£10.00 / 50ml)

I do love a good freebie and I received this beauty in the April Marie Claire with the beautiful Mila Kunis on the front (persuasion enough really). I'm not usually a subscriber of Marie Claire, but I must say that this little number swayed me ever so slightly. They also have a mean beauty section in the back. Anything with honey as an ingredient immediately has my attention, I actually don't love the taste of honey, but I love the benefits and the sensation of being covered in honey, I just think it sounds so nice. It has orange essential oils, so it smells like Terry's Chocolate Orange (major bonus). And it has no nasties in it either, it's GM, Paraben, Synthetic Fragrance and Silicone free which is fab.

This hand cream has quite a thick but not overly thick consistency however the downside to that is that it does take quite some time to sink in, I find myself sitting there massaging it into my hands for a good couple of minutes or so. So this would not be ideal for the daytime, or especially for me at work, because my hands do get quite dry, but the drying time for me is too slow as I am constantly dealing with customers etc. However I do think this is a perfect little hand cream for keeping by your bed at night time and slathering it on before you drift off to wake up to lovely soft hands, nothing better in my opinion.

I've never really heard anyone speak about this range at Neal's Yard, but it should be spoken about more, bee- cause I think its great, I'm sorry but it had to bee done, did it again, sorry.

Have any of you tried this? Let me know!


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