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Top: &OtherStories Eye Pencil in 'Bronze Naquet'//Left: The Balm Cosmetics 'Mary Lou-Manizer' // Right: The Balm Cosmetics 'Shady Lady' Eyeshadow in 'Just This Once Jamie'

So excuse the awful posing, but I think that they really show off just how beautiful these products really are. I 'stumbled' into &OtherStories expecting to love it anyway, but nowhere near as much as I actually did. It's a wonderful shop, and I'm really excited about going again so I can explore a bit more. I left there smelling amazing, and sparkling from all the swatches I had on my hands, and maybe forearms... If you do walk past it, I suggest you don't, I say you waltz right in there and commence swatching (at your own risk of buying the whole shop).

&OtherStories Eye Pencil - 'Bronze Naquet
Oh boy, now I'm not usually a kohl eyeliner kind of girl, I never tight line nor line my water line but recently you may have noticed I've been opting for a slight smokey eye, and have been darkening just below my water line and smudging it out. I saw this and just thought, YES! It's a really subtle bronze colour, sometimes it looks brown and then when in the light it has a slight metallic, bronze tinge to it, and it really caught my eye. As for the formulation its really nice and creamy and it smudges like a dream. It is really inexpensive as well, on the same level as Topshop or a drugstore costing a marvellous £6! 

The Balm Cosmetics - 'Mary Lou- Manizer
Now as I mentioned in my video, I saw Essie Button with this, and just knew I had to have it. So after I swatched it, I fell in love with it, looked at the price (£17), almost died, but decided that it was too beautiful to leave behind. It is a very yellow highlight, which I shouldn't really use with my skin tone, and after having a bad time using Topshop's 'Sunbeam' highlighter. However once you blend it out, it just turns into the most beautiful thing I've ever laid eyes on. In the bottom two photos you can really see how much of a wonderful glow it gives you. It takes a bit of blending to tone down the yellow but the result is simply stunning. 

The Balm Cosmetics Shady Lady - 'Just This Once Jamie'
Right so this is just like one of my favourite eyeshadows of all time, MAC's 'Satin Taupe', but me being me had to go ahead and purchase it anyway. They are ever so slightly different as Satin Taupe is a bit more grey toned. The main reason I fell for this eyeshadow, other than the colour, was actually the formulation of the eyeshadow. It is so incredibly soft and blends really nicely too which is perfect for if I just want a light smoky eye, and I can just blend it upwards into my crease, and it looks beautiful!

Happy, happy bunny, I will forever love that shop and I'm already planning my next 10 trips. 

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