Alphabet Bag - Everyday Handbag Essentials

I was on the hunt for a new make up/ everyday essentials bag because my latest one was a bit busted and old now. I had a look on Etsy and I couldn't fathom forking out £25 plus P+P, so I had a look at basically the English version of Etsy, Not On The Highstreet. Before this I was actually considering buying a small pouch bag from Whistles which would have set me back a 'mere' £35. So anyway, I was searching high and low and came across this little number (pictured) and it wasn't actually the one that I originally wanted. I wanted the same pouch but the initial was in gold glitter instead, it was B-E-AUTIFUL, but it came in the smaller size which wasn't ideal. So I went ahead and took the plunge and bought this one instead. All the initials for this design were different and I wasn't too keen on my design for mine but nevertheless I bought it anyway, story of my life. I received it today and actually really, really like it! It's the perfect size and it fits all my essentials in it as well. However I'm petrified of getting it dirty because of the colour and the interior is black so it's difficult to see what's inside but I don't care because I really love it. 

I paid £18 for it which I don't think is too bad, although I probably could have made it myself. You can find it here if you're interested in purchasing one or even if you want to check out their other items because they have some really lovely monogrammed items if you're like me and love a good monogram every so often! 

Opinions? Comment if you'd like to see a blog post/ video on what's in my hand bag essentials pouch!


My Go - To Smokey Eye : Chanel Illusion D'Ombre

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in 'Ebloui' £24

Now I was lucky enough to be gifted this by my wonderful mother and what a treat it is! I'm not very well acquainted with Chanel make up as I always get a bit overwhelmed by a) the price and b) IT'S CHANEL! But oh boy am I happy that I discovered this little baby.

It is no secret that I love anything that comes in a pot, and has the words 'cream' and 'eyeshadow' in the same sentence, as you may know I have an amazing relationship with the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'On and On Bronze', it is one of my favourite make up items of all time. This is very similar, except there are actually chunks of glitter in it so the texture is a lot more bitty and chunky, which was a bit of a turn off at first but then I thought, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of glitter! I have to say its nowhere near as easy and smooth to apply than the Maybelline pots because of the glitter and you do need to layer a fair bit on to achieve what I have photographed for you.

However I'm all about the convenience which is why I love the Maybelline ones so much, you just sweep this all over your eyelid, blend it out (you could add some on your lower lash line and blend also) and there you have it, a perfect smokey eye in my opinion. It's really that easy and requires next to no effort whatsoever and perfect if you're in a rush.

I always sway towards the same colours, and I did it again! In the pot it looks more on the deep purple side, but on the eyes it comes off as quite brown. But it's the mix of my two favourite shades on my eyes so I'm really not complaining! I just think it looks so nice, especially with my coloured eyes.

It lasts pretty much all day, and because of the chunkiness of it, it doesn't crease on me at all, and I have particularly oily eyelids which is why I've opted for darker eyes over light recently. So it would be perfect for a night out with some false eyelashes for an extra pop. I would say you could wear it for everyday as well because it is easy to layer,
you could choose the intensity of it depending on the time of day. You could wear a light layer to work, pop it in your handbag, layer it up a bit heavier for drinks later on in the evening, it's so versatile.

Have any of you tried this? What are your opinions on cream eyeshadows?