Bourjois Color Boost Lipsticks

Above: 'Peach On The Beach'

Above: 'Orange Punch'

So it seems as though I'm a bit late on the bandwagon of these, but in all honesty I just wasn't sure what I thought of them and didn't know quite how to approach blogging about them. I felt obliged to caption the images because they look very similar which is strange because the packaging suggests that they'd be completely different, bit misleading Bourjois but we'll move on.

I've had 'Orange Punch' for maybe over a month now, and I bought 'Peach On The Beach' today because I've been dying to try it, having seen almost everyone rave about it. I have to say I do prefer POTB (we'll shorten it ) because funnily enough despite it being a lighter colour, the colour pay off is a lot better. It's a really nice, everyday colour and I can really imagine getting my money's worth out of it. It was actually the reason that I decided I liked them. As for Orange Punch, it seems as though I really, really have to layer it on to have any colour pay off whatsoever and it ends up flaking because of the vigorous attempts of application. 

I bought these to compare to the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, because I am a really big fan of those. Now as you must know by now, I am pretty much obsessed with the colour orange, so I thought that Orange Punch would be spot on, but the colour just seems very dull and it doesn't really do anything for me, and it made me think that actually I might prefer the Revlon ones. However having tried POTB, I must say that I do prefer them to the Revlon ones. I like the consistency a lot better, they seem to glide on a lot easier than the Revlon ones do, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am liking a bit of a glossy lip recently, which is a complete shock to me too, don't worry! They have a very subtle scent, so if you don't like the minty scent of the Revlon ones then you'll definitely prefer these. 

They claim to be waterproof and last up to ten hours. Companies always seem to be promising these things but do they actually mean it? Well, I'm not too sure really, it leaves some sort of tint to your lips but you do have to reapply to keep the colour that you had on first application, but I do somewhat agree that they are slightly waterproof, having tested them out. 

Overall I do like them, it's not love, but I certainly don't regret buying them (well, maybe Orange Punch). They are extremely hydrating and feel like you've just applied a lip balm which is an added bonus. But have any of you tried these, I'm really interested to hear your opinions about them, especially Orange Punch to see if anyone else had the same problems as I did, talk to me!


Favourite Lip Product To Date?

This is the much hyped over Hourglass Opaque Rouge in 'Riviera' which I have been lusting over for quite some time. Shall I give you a moment to take it all in? Done? Okay.

I'd first heard about these from Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup, and then I'd seen this particular colour in one of Lily Melrose's videos. I fell in love. It's a colour I've been trying to look for for a very long time, it's definitely orange, but there is a slight red tinge to it making it look more tomato-ey which is EXACTLY what I wanted. When I tried this on in Liberty's I thought, HELL NO, this is way too orange, but it grew on me really quite quickly. I've been looking for this colour and formulation combination for what seems like ages. I thought I could turn to my trusty NYX soft matte lip creams, but unfortunately they are yet to bring out an orange. 

I have to say I think I prefer the NYX formulation as it is a little less drying, whereas the Hourglass ones pretty much set as soon as they're on your lips, so if you make a mistake you have to be pretty swift to correct it! But I have to say that the drying is the only flaw to this product, because it has a matte formula it tends to dry and stick to the cracks in your lips and then after wearing it for some time, it starts to get a bit flakey if you keep reapplying it unless you wipe it off before reapplying I've noticed , so I really recommend not using it if you suffer from dry lips, or using an intensive lip balm before applying. However the quick drying does have it's positive points, it literally will not budge, I had numerous drinks and lunch and it was still there, it's amazing. Orange being such a dangerous colour to wear anyway, having this stuff not budge is a godsend! 

The one flaw aside, I simply cannot stop wearing this, I find myself just wanting to wear it all the time! It's perfect in my eyes and I think my love for it is verging on obsession. So happy I took the plunge and forked out the £23 on this beauty, 100% worth it my opinion and I will definitely be buying more!

Opinions? Have any of you tried this and found the same about the drying?


My FIRST Blogger Event - Nicola Crawford & Angel Armogida

So I was lucky enough to be taken to my first ever bloggers event by the lovely Lucy hosted by Bloggers Love at the Penthouse in Leicester Square. It was an event showcasing Nicola Crawford and her beautiful, handmade themed jewellery and Angel Armogida and her gorgeous and eye catching dresses. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was very grown up and classy. Lucy and I both actually felt very underdressed until we realised they were actually showing off the collection! There were complimentary drinks and cupcakes laid out all over the room and they were also giving manicures as well! 

Nicola had her lovely jewellery out on display and her current collection was based on the theme 'The Secret Garden' inspired by the childhood story by Frances Hodgson Burnett. She bases all her pieces upon her love of nostalgia and narrative and each collection conveys a story which evokes sentiment to each piece. I think that it's a really lovely and unique idea in terms of creating jewellery. She was also kind enough to include a unique key charm in each goodie bag which I thought was a really nice touch.

Angel, who also has a YouTube channel who was the daughter of a professional seamstress, grew up learning the basics of dressmaking and in 2012 decided to pursue a career in fashion. Her collections are centred around evening wear and cocktail dresses. They are very glamourous and some even featured Swarovski crystals to add a bit more glamour to them. She entertained us with a catwalk through the room, parading her collection and even gave us the chance to win one of her dresses by entering a raffle, where the proceeds would go towards Cancer Research which I thought was fantastic. 

Overall I had such a fantastic night, and thank you to Lucy for inviting me, Bloggers Love for hosting and Angel and Nicola also for giving me a perfect first bloggers event experience!

Nicola kindly also gave discount codes for 10% off your purchase at www.nicolacrawford.co.uk, all you have to do is enter the code BLOGGER at the checkout. 


Beauty First Aid - Quick Fixes!

Right so I got the idea to do this post from the August Company magazine. I was actually fascinated myself to read about these little tips and tricks to save your favourite, but now ruined make up items that will also save you the money and trouble of buying new ones! So I thought I'd share some of their tips!

Dried- Out Mascara

Has your favourite mascara dried up? Do you feel like you still have at least a couple more uses and want to get your full moneys worth? Well what you can do is add five drops of saline solution or better known to all you contact lens wearers out there as eye drops, to the bottle and mix it in with your mascara wand and there you have it, not only a less dry version of your mascara, but hopefully a few more uses in there also! You can actually repeat this until you're 100% sure it's all finished! You can pick up a bottle of saline solution from Superdrug for £3.29, which I think is a bargain if it means getting more uses of your favourite mascaras!

Smashed Eyeshadow

Okay so there is no way of fixing this, but instead you can work with it. You can take your already smashed eyeshadow and crush it even further (satisfying much?) and make it into a fine loose pigment as opposed to an eyeshadow. Yes it will require more care when applying as there will be a fair bit of drop down I imagine. What you can also do according to Company is purchase an acrylic pot from Muji which you can find here and they start from just 85p, and decant the product into there, which will save you loads (especially if it's a MAC eyeshadow!). 

Broken Powder Compact

So we've all been there I expect, and powder is especially necessary in this heat! What they say to do is cover your broken powder with cling film and crush it all up using the back of a spoon. After that, you use no more than two to three drops of 70% rubbing alcohol and smooth the mixture together with a spoon. You then let it for 30 mins to set and there you have your powder back! You can pick up the rubbing alcohol on eBay for £1.95, found here.

Snapped Lipstick

Now this is something that happens to me ALL the time. Company advise you to carefully warm the base of the broken off piece of lipstick with a lighter so it melt slightly then press it back onto the other half of the lipstick. Leave it in the fridge for an hour or so and sorted! They also suggest an alternative, or (sadly) if your lipstick is beyond repair, to make your own lipstick palette by microwaving a small amount of the lipstick and there you have it!

Smashed Blusher

This one is my favourite because its the most crafty and I'm going to try this one out myself for sure. You can actually turn your broken blusher into a cream blush! Simply empty your broken blush into a pot, mix it with your moisturiser, which then forms a paste. Then add some primer to give it some hold, mix it until you're happy with the colour and consistency!

So there you have some handy tips and tricks to save your favourite make up items from facing the bin, a la Company magazine.

I do hope this helps at least one of you!