Beauty First Aid - Quick Fixes!

Right so I got the idea to do this post from the August Company magazine. I was actually fascinated myself to read about these little tips and tricks to save your favourite, but now ruined make up items that will also save you the money and trouble of buying new ones! So I thought I'd share some of their tips!

Dried- Out Mascara

Has your favourite mascara dried up? Do you feel like you still have at least a couple more uses and want to get your full moneys worth? Well what you can do is add five drops of saline solution or better known to all you contact lens wearers out there as eye drops, to the bottle and mix it in with your mascara wand and there you have it, not only a less dry version of your mascara, but hopefully a few more uses in there also! You can actually repeat this until you're 100% sure it's all finished! You can pick up a bottle of saline solution from Superdrug for £3.29, which I think is a bargain if it means getting more uses of your favourite mascaras!

Smashed Eyeshadow

Okay so there is no way of fixing this, but instead you can work with it. You can take your already smashed eyeshadow and crush it even further (satisfying much?) and make it into a fine loose pigment as opposed to an eyeshadow. Yes it will require more care when applying as there will be a fair bit of drop down I imagine. What you can also do according to Company is purchase an acrylic pot from Muji which you can find here and they start from just 85p, and decant the product into there, which will save you loads (especially if it's a MAC eyeshadow!). 

Broken Powder Compact

So we've all been there I expect, and powder is especially necessary in this heat! What they say to do is cover your broken powder with cling film and crush it all up using the back of a spoon. After that, you use no more than two to three drops of 70% rubbing alcohol and smooth the mixture together with a spoon. You then let it for 30 mins to set and there you have your powder back! You can pick up the rubbing alcohol on eBay for £1.95, found here.

Snapped Lipstick

Now this is something that happens to me ALL the time. Company advise you to carefully warm the base of the broken off piece of lipstick with a lighter so it melt slightly then press it back onto the other half of the lipstick. Leave it in the fridge for an hour or so and sorted! They also suggest an alternative, or (sadly) if your lipstick is beyond repair, to make your own lipstick palette by microwaving a small amount of the lipstick and there you have it!

Smashed Blusher

This one is my favourite because its the most crafty and I'm going to try this one out myself for sure. You can actually turn your broken blusher into a cream blush! Simply empty your broken blush into a pot, mix it with your moisturiser, which then forms a paste. Then add some primer to give it some hold, mix it until you're happy with the colour and consistency!

So there you have some handy tips and tricks to save your favourite make up items from facing the bin, a la Company magazine.

I do hope this helps at least one of you!

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  1. The first tip about mascara is totally new to me but it sounds great, definitely going to try it x