Bourjois Color Boost Lipsticks

Above: 'Peach On The Beach'

Above: 'Orange Punch'

So it seems as though I'm a bit late on the bandwagon of these, but in all honesty I just wasn't sure what I thought of them and didn't know quite how to approach blogging about them. I felt obliged to caption the images because they look very similar which is strange because the packaging suggests that they'd be completely different, bit misleading Bourjois but we'll move on.

I've had 'Orange Punch' for maybe over a month now, and I bought 'Peach On The Beach' today because I've been dying to try it, having seen almost everyone rave about it. I have to say I do prefer POTB (we'll shorten it ) because funnily enough despite it being a lighter colour, the colour pay off is a lot better. It's a really nice, everyday colour and I can really imagine getting my money's worth out of it. It was actually the reason that I decided I liked them. As for Orange Punch, it seems as though I really, really have to layer it on to have any colour pay off whatsoever and it ends up flaking because of the vigorous attempts of application. 

I bought these to compare to the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, because I am a really big fan of those. Now as you must know by now, I am pretty much obsessed with the colour orange, so I thought that Orange Punch would be spot on, but the colour just seems very dull and it doesn't really do anything for me, and it made me think that actually I might prefer the Revlon ones. However having tried POTB, I must say that I do prefer them to the Revlon ones. I like the consistency a lot better, they seem to glide on a lot easier than the Revlon ones do, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am liking a bit of a glossy lip recently, which is a complete shock to me too, don't worry! They have a very subtle scent, so if you don't like the minty scent of the Revlon ones then you'll definitely prefer these. 

They claim to be waterproof and last up to ten hours. Companies always seem to be promising these things but do they actually mean it? Well, I'm not too sure really, it leaves some sort of tint to your lips but you do have to reapply to keep the colour that you had on first application, but I do somewhat agree that they are slightly waterproof, having tested them out. 

Overall I do like them, it's not love, but I certainly don't regret buying them (well, maybe Orange Punch). They are extremely hydrating and feel like you've just applied a lip balm which is an added bonus. But have any of you tried these, I'm really interested to hear your opinions about them, especially Orange Punch to see if anyone else had the same problems as I did, talk to me!


  1. These look lovely on you, they look really natural and pretty! x

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