Favourite Lip Product To Date?

This is the much hyped over Hourglass Opaque Rouge in 'Riviera' which I have been lusting over for quite some time. Shall I give you a moment to take it all in? Done? Okay.

I'd first heard about these from Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup, and then I'd seen this particular colour in one of Lily Melrose's videos. I fell in love. It's a colour I've been trying to look for for a very long time, it's definitely orange, but there is a slight red tinge to it making it look more tomato-ey which is EXACTLY what I wanted. When I tried this on in Liberty's I thought, HELL NO, this is way too orange, but it grew on me really quite quickly. I've been looking for this colour and formulation combination for what seems like ages. I thought I could turn to my trusty NYX soft matte lip creams, but unfortunately they are yet to bring out an orange. 

I have to say I think I prefer the NYX formulation as it is a little less drying, whereas the Hourglass ones pretty much set as soon as they're on your lips, so if you make a mistake you have to be pretty swift to correct it! But I have to say that the drying is the only flaw to this product, because it has a matte formula it tends to dry and stick to the cracks in your lips and then after wearing it for some time, it starts to get a bit flakey if you keep reapplying it unless you wipe it off before reapplying I've noticed , so I really recommend not using it if you suffer from dry lips, or using an intensive lip balm before applying. However the quick drying does have it's positive points, it literally will not budge, I had numerous drinks and lunch and it was still there, it's amazing. Orange being such a dangerous colour to wear anyway, having this stuff not budge is a godsend! 

The one flaw aside, I simply cannot stop wearing this, I find myself just wanting to wear it all the time! It's perfect in my eyes and I think my love for it is verging on obsession. So happy I took the plunge and forked out the £23 on this beauty, 100% worth it my opinion and I will definitely be buying more!

Opinions? Have any of you tried this and found the same about the drying?

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