Bourjois Happy Light Foundation

Bourjois are seriously on a roll with their foundations! I was already a mahoosive fan of the Healthy Mix Serum Foundation, and now they've just gone and done it again with another fantastic addition. 

First of all, the packaging is so sweet and the name of the foundation itself is even sweeter. On the packaging it says 'luminous and flawless complexion in any light' and it also claims to correct without masking, is light enhancing and promises 8 hour hydration. Now the reason I picked this up (other than the fact that new releases get me weirdly excited) was because recently my skin has been lashing out on me quite harshly. I've got a few dry patches on my skin where the weather change has effected it and its making me not want to apply foundation, film any videos, and quite frankly leave the house! 

So I saw this in Superdrug and quite literally ran and had a little play and a swatch. The consistency of it is so nice, as it states in the name it is light and it feels as if there is nothing really on your skin. I'd say it's got the feeling of a BB cream, but the coverage of a foundation, I would say it's probably light to medium coverage but more towards the medium. So this really drew me in and I thought it would be perfect to help cover my awful skin. And I was right! It glides so nicely onto the skin and doesn't cling to any dry patches on my skin whatsoever, which I was extremely grateful for! 

As far as I could see, it came in 5 shades which isn't really a great spectrum as usual from Bourjois, although better than the Healthy Mix one. However I think it is an absolutely fantastic drugstore foundation. Probably one of my favourites that I've tried this year! It just gives such a nice glow to the skin but it probably wouldn't be the best for those oily skinned people out there as it is quite luminous. However it has got great staying power and I honestly can't wait to use it again tomorrow! I wear mine in 52 Light Beige.

They do also feature a concealer and two different serum primers in the collection, one luminous primer for normal to dry skin and one matte primer for oily skin. So I am extremely excited about trying out those also!

If you're interested, I'd definitely head down to a Boots or Superdrug now as they're on offer!

Have any of you tried any of this collection yet? If so what are your thoughts? Or are any of you interested in trying it?


NARS Limited Edition Blush in 'Boys Don't Cry'

CAN WE JUST TAKE A MOMENT. Okay? Are we all still conscious? Right so isn't this possibly one of the most aesthetically pleasing blushes you've ever laid eyes on? Yeah me too. Every time I look at it, I seem to let out a little gasp of joy. 

Any of you that have tried NARS blushes before are aware that there is no question about their pigmentation as there is always buckets of it. This one in particular is especially pigmented as you could probably imagine purely by just looking at it. The smallest bit goes a long way, so I have to really lightly tap my brush into it in order to avoid the clown look. However it does mean that the product will last that much longer! 

On the downside, the gold shimmer at the top, which I recently discovered, doesn't run through the entire product but just on the top, which is a bit annoying but I'll have to move on I suppose. 

I use this with my Real Techniques blush brush and it applies really beautifully. I showed and talked about it in a bit more in depth in my recent High End Make Up Haul which you can find here.

It's also limited edition so if you've fallen in love with it as much as I have, then get your butt in gear and go and get it! It retails for £30 in John Lewis and online.



Tresor Paris Event!

So as you can probably tell from the photos it was a very glamorous night. But what we didn't know was that was a charity event as well as being a bloggers event. 

So first off a bit about Tresor Paris for those who haven't heard about them. Tresor Paris is a brand from well established jewellery designers and manufacturers Hasbani which is best known for its diamonds. They created Tresor Paris to bridge the gap between diamonds and luxury fashion jewellery for those who love exquisite adornments however they want something more affordable or for everyday wear. 

They featured a handful of amazing collections at the event, some were charitable and the others were just their regular collections. 

The first was the Breast Cancer Care Collection, they'd unveiled some new additions including two necklaces, earrings and a charm. They're partnership has raised £70k to date which is amazing! 

Next there was the Marie Curie range, which they've only recently collaborated with. Tresor Paris designed a beautiful set of yellow heart earrings and a bracelet with 25% of the proceeds go to charity. 

They also had their regular collections, such as the Cygnus Collection which encompasses a classic mix of fresh water pearls and mother of pearl with elegant good and silver. They are perfect for a pretty look with girly flowers and pearls. 

And finally the Bellatrix Collection, it features vintage inspired designs with a modern twist. Accessories which add a simple yet glamorous touch to a wardrobe, suited to both chic daywear to elegant evening wear looks. 

I had such a wonderful evening and I thought every single one of the collections were beautiful. My favourite had to definitely be the spiked bracelets (pictured above) as they were edgy yet had an element of glam to them too!

Thoughts? Have any of you invested in any Tresor Paris pieces/ planning to?


STEAMCREAM Bloggers Challenge Part One!

Okay I know I look silly, but this was an experiment I was challenged to do by STEAMCREAM as a blogger. They were lovely enough to send me DIY kit including oats, sugar and the STEAMCREAM itself so I could attempt to create different things using the cream, such as a face mask, a body scrub and even a BB cream! 

The cream itself is a multi-tasking moisturiser that you can use for your hands and body that uses ingredients such as lavender and oatmeal infusion. It harnesses the power of essential oils to create a soothing, calming, and nourishing moisturiser which is perfect for all skin types including you poor sensitive skin people out there! 

So as you can see I decided to try out the gentle exfoliating face mask! The oatmeal infusion already present in the cream gently soothes sensitive, irritated skin and also brightens skin tone whilst the added whole oats work to naturally remove dead skin cells leaving you with a glowing complexion!

Now here's how you do it!
- Simply mix a few pumps of STEAMCREAM into a small amount of oats.
- Once mixed, carefully dampen your face and apply the mask generously with your fingertips. 
- Leave for 5 minutes and remove with warm water. 

I must mention that it gets very messy and the oats do slip off your face so I'd not sit in your living room as I did, perhaps stick to your bathroom! But I think it's fun and would be great to do with your friends on a night in with pizza and films! 

If you do attempt this, tweet me at @kassiapoh and @steamcream with the hashtag #SCchallenge!

STEAMCREAM is available from www.steamcrem.co.uk, Selfridges, John Lewis and ASOS.com retailing at £12.95


Snail Gel - Time To Make Your Wrinkles Escargot!

So I was lucky enough to be invited to an event by the lovely Becky where she showed us an amazing piece of equipment by the brand Homedics (blogpost coming soon!) She also gave us some amazing goodie bags that were brimming with insanely amazing products, including Dr Organic's Snail Gel. I will admit at first I was a little (okay very) skeptical about using this having a ginormous fear of any type of creature that lives in your garden, however I'd heard Fen rave about it so I was also very excited.

The background behind it being this, snail farmers in Chile had discovered that their hands were incredibly soft and hydrated and any cuts or scars that they had healed remarkably quickly. They found out that it was the snail's slime that was working all these miracles, their slime is of course harvested without causing any harm to them whatsoever. After further research and clinical testing they found that the slime contained high levels of naturally occurring allantoine, collagen, elastin and antibacterial substances that all have beneficial healing, smoothing and purifying effects on human skin. 

What does all that scientific mumbo-jumbo mean, I hear you cry. Well, the allantoine has been proven to be a stimulant for skin regeneration and is also effective for healing, smoothing and anti-irratation. Collagen and elastin are structural proteins that bond skin tissue, they also nuture skin and improve its appearance and effective when it comes to skin repair. They also add the right concentration of Glycolic acid which eliminates superficial dead skin cells and helps replenish new ones.

All I know is that this has completely changed up my skin care, and it makes my skin feel incredible. I use it before I apply my moisturiser at night, and before I apply my make up in the morning and it creates the perfect canvas for that. 

You can purchase this from Holland & Barrett stores and online priced at £19.99 (which I think is 100% worth it and I will definitely be repurchasing!)

Thoughts? Creeped out or intrigued? Let me know in the comments below!