Snail Gel - Time To Make Your Wrinkles Escargot!

So I was lucky enough to be invited to an event by the lovely Becky where she showed us an amazing piece of equipment by the brand Homedics (blogpost coming soon!) She also gave us some amazing goodie bags that were brimming with insanely amazing products, including Dr Organic's Snail Gel. I will admit at first I was a little (okay very) skeptical about using this having a ginormous fear of any type of creature that lives in your garden, however I'd heard Fen rave about it so I was also very excited.

The background behind it being this, snail farmers in Chile had discovered that their hands were incredibly soft and hydrated and any cuts or scars that they had healed remarkably quickly. They found out that it was the snail's slime that was working all these miracles, their slime is of course harvested without causing any harm to them whatsoever. After further research and clinical testing they found that the slime contained high levels of naturally occurring allantoine, collagen, elastin and antibacterial substances that all have beneficial healing, smoothing and purifying effects on human skin. 

What does all that scientific mumbo-jumbo mean, I hear you cry. Well, the allantoine has been proven to be a stimulant for skin regeneration and is also effective for healing, smoothing and anti-irratation. Collagen and elastin are structural proteins that bond skin tissue, they also nuture skin and improve its appearance and effective when it comes to skin repair. They also add the right concentration of Glycolic acid which eliminates superficial dead skin cells and helps replenish new ones.

All I know is that this has completely changed up my skin care, and it makes my skin feel incredible. I use it before I apply my moisturiser at night, and before I apply my make up in the morning and it creates the perfect canvas for that. 

You can purchase this from Holland & Barrett stores and online priced at £19.99 (which I think is 100% worth it and I will definitely be repurchasing!)

Thoughts? Creeped out or intrigued? Let me know in the comments below!

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