Tresor Paris Event!

So as you can probably tell from the photos it was a very glamorous night. But what we didn't know was that was a charity event as well as being a bloggers event. 

So first off a bit about Tresor Paris for those who haven't heard about them. Tresor Paris is a brand from well established jewellery designers and manufacturers Hasbani which is best known for its diamonds. They created Tresor Paris to bridge the gap between diamonds and luxury fashion jewellery for those who love exquisite adornments however they want something more affordable or for everyday wear. 

They featured a handful of amazing collections at the event, some were charitable and the others were just their regular collections. 

The first was the Breast Cancer Care Collection, they'd unveiled some new additions including two necklaces, earrings and a charm. They're partnership has raised £70k to date which is amazing! 

Next there was the Marie Curie range, which they've only recently collaborated with. Tresor Paris designed a beautiful set of yellow heart earrings and a bracelet with 25% of the proceeds go to charity. 

They also had their regular collections, such as the Cygnus Collection which encompasses a classic mix of fresh water pearls and mother of pearl with elegant good and silver. They are perfect for a pretty look with girly flowers and pearls. 

And finally the Bellatrix Collection, it features vintage inspired designs with a modern twist. Accessories which add a simple yet glamorous touch to a wardrobe, suited to both chic daywear to elegant evening wear looks. 

I had such a wonderful evening and I thought every single one of the collections were beautiful. My favourite had to definitely be the spiked bracelets (pictured above) as they were edgy yet had an element of glam to them too!

Thoughts? Have any of you invested in any Tresor Paris pieces/ planning to?

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