50 Shades Of Vamp?

  Rimmel by Kate Moss '107'

Topshop Lipstick 'Suspect'

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 'Monte Carlo'

Sleek Lipstick 'Vamp'

 Revlon Lipstick 'Black Cherry'

Hourglass Opaque Rouge 'Idol'

Did I mention that I am completely head- over -heels in love with berry coloured lips this Autumn/Fall? These are just a handful of my current favourites! I think they also tie in really nicely with the whole 90's-grunge trend as well. It is very rare that you will ever see me without a vampy lip this autumn as I am just so incredibly addicted!

I've been loving pairing a vampy lip with a dark smokey eye, one in particular I've been loving is the bottom left dark brown, shimmery eyeshadow in the Sleek 'Storm' palette (sorry for the awful description, but it doesn't have a name!), it's just so perfect and it blends out so beautifully. I'm definitely doing tutorial on it because it's so simple yet so effective. With such a dark, bold lip, I think it's imperative that you try to find one with a matte formula and or some form of lip cream because there is chance of smudging and it's not the most subtle colour to have smeared all over your face!

In all honesty, I wish it was acceptable to rock a vampy lip 365 days a year and I am definitely on a hunt for more shades of vamp and I'm making it my personal mission to own every single one. 

Have any of you got any suggestions for ones I don't already own? I NEED THEM. Also if any of you would like a more in depth video on these lipsticks then let me know! 


  1. MAC Rebel if you don't have that! :) x


  2. Mac Rebel and Media would be my recommendations, both stunning vampy shades. I need the Kate Moss 107 and Rimmel Black Cherry in my life immediately haha! :) xx
    kooky capricious 

  3. It's not a red berry colour, but Jilted from Urban Decay is the most beautiful purple berry colour! You neeeeed it

  4. Aw, lovely! Hello again! I have the kate moss 107 and revlon black cherry! Love!

    Would be nice if you could come and check out my blog www.lifestylesheblogs.blogspot.com mwah x

  5. Oh girl you touched my heart! Vampy lips are my thing, I could spend HOURS talking about them!! I will have to look into the sleek and topshop ones that you mentioned, they look awesome! Btw how do you apply the hourglass one? I am having so much trouble with it! It looks so messy every time I try! For an everyday vampy lip i recommend mars fast ride, its sheer but very interesting! And revlon's va va violet super pigmented and dark!
    The Beauty Break // http://beautytimebreak.blogspot.com