What's In My Bag?

So here we have the contents of my current bag, it may seem like a lot, but all necessary in my opinion, and if I'm being completely honest, it could be A LOT worse! 

Kate Spade Purse
Probably the most eye catching item in my bag! It's too gorgeous for words and I received this for Christmas last year from my mum, it's the perfect size for me and stores more than enough, one of my most prized possessions!

iPhone 5 
Pretty self explanatory, but I'd be nowhere without my trusty phone!

iPod Black Classic 160GB
Another necessity in my bag, I've had this for almost 5 years, and it's my pride and joy and it features verging on 9000 songs! To say that I'd be devastated if I lost it is a major understatement. 

Sure Compressed Deodorant 
Just incase, right? And it's only a little one so it's not an issue carrying it around. 

Ray-Ban Wayfarers (Black)
I've had these for so long now, and they're just so classic. They go wonderfully with absolutely everything and I will definitely hand them down! 

Sleek Lipstick in 'Vamp'
If you subscribe to my channel, you will know how much I love this lipstick, I haven't stopped raving about it since I got it. It's the perfect dark, vampy colour and it's in matte form so it won't budge!

MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation
Now this isn't my powder of choice, but just because it's in a compact form and comes with both sponge and mirror, it's more of a convenience because it has everything in it. 

Canon IXUS Vlogging Camera
Another 'just incase' item, because you never know when a vlogging opportunity might arise! It's a pretty standard vlogging camera and it's quite light so easy to carry around.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
Possibly the best thing to carry around with you ever, the rumours are true! I mainly use it on my lips as it gives such a good bit of hydration (plus it makes it last that much longer). But it's like a multi-purpose balm and you can use it almost everywhere if you have the odd dry patch that you want to moisturise. It's very thick, and the smell is not for everyone, however you can purchase a non-scented one. 

Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer
Another necessity in my opinion, especially living in London! I carry at least two with me everywhere I go and they all have different scents and smell incredible. *BBW if you're reading this PLEASE bring yourselves over to the UK, thank you.

Portable Phone Charger
One of the best purchases I've ever made! You have no idea how many times this little one has saved my life! It's absolutely incredible and I think it gives your phone 4 full charges, and lasts for about 90 hours. You can find it here.

Hourglass Opaque Rouge 'Idol'
Another Item I've spoken about to death. It's perfect because it's a bold colour yet it doesn't budge, it just sets into your lips and isn't drying at all! 

Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Perfume
Another gift from my wonderful mother as she wasn't too keen on the smell, but personally I love it! It takes some getting used to but now I love it and it's in a cute, dinky little bottle which is an added bonus! It sticks around for a good amount of time also!

Hope you enjoyed snooping into my bag!

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  1. Oo I loved this post, the Kate Spade purse is beautiful! x