Topshop Bronzer in 'Mohawk' - possible Laguna Dupe?

Now I'm always on the hunt for new bronzers, I just love them. It would be in the top three items I'd have to take with me on a desert island (although saying that I probably wouldn't need it there) so we'll go for a deserted arctic island instead. 

I spotted this in Topshop a couple of weeks ago and I'd never seen it before nor had I heard anyone talk about it, so I figured it was probably fairly new. I originally bought it to use as a bronzer, however through trial and error I discovered it's slightly too muddy looking to be a bronzer but absolutely perfect to use as a contour colour. I'm going to go as far as saying it may be a dupe for NARS Laguna except the Topshop one is completely matte, whereas Laguna has a slight shimmer. 

The fact that it's matte is really unusual for me as I don't have many bronzers that lack shimmer, but I really, really like it. That's what makes it perfect for contouring as it makes it look more natural. I've been using this everyday to contour my cheekbones and also my jawline using my Real Techniques expert face brush and the density of the brush makes the definition a lot more blatant. However as it states on the back of the packaging, it is buildable, which I agree with. If you were looking for a subtle contour, perhaps use this with the Real Techniques contour brush and lightly gather some on the brush and gently work it into your cheekbones. However, if you're anything like me and have next to no cheekbones then I recommend my way of using it because it really creates some spectacular definition!

I'm sure that if you're quite pale skinned then this may work as a nice subtle bronzer for you as it is not orange toned in the slightest so it would just add a bit of colour instead of making you look like you've just been for a really awful spray tan! But they also have a lighter shade called 'Sandcastle' if you find that this is a little too dark.

You can purchase it in Topshop stores now for £9, which I think is a bargain and a fraction of the price of NARS Laguna which is a hefty £26. Don't get me wrong, this hasn't converted me completely from Laguna but it is definitely a close competitor and great for if you're on a budget!

Have any of you tried this? If so, what are your thoughts?


Lush Haul November 2013

 Shoot For The Stars
 Father Christmas
Golden Wonder

So it's no secret that I love a good Lush bath bomb, but I love them more so at Christmas! I picked up four the other day and I thought I'd show you! 

Shoot For The Stars - Bath Ballistic (£3.25)
It is supposed to smell like the much loved Lush 'Honey I Washed The Kids' soap, which I personally love the smell of and it's a really vanillery (actual term) smelling bath bomb. Once popped in the bath it releases a fantastic medley of colours (you can watch a demo here), it goes from blue to yellow to pink and in the end you are left with a really dark purple/blue coloured bath and it also releases little stars and silver glitter and I absolutely love it! 

Father Christmas Bath Ballistic (£3.25)
The obvious choice for the lover of Christmas! I had this little guy last year and loved him so I thought I'd repurchase it again! WARNING, this one features a hell of a lot of glitter so if you've got somewhere businessy to be within an hour of having your bath, this wouldn't be the best unless you want to make an impression by looking like Edward Cullen! You can watch a demo here, but it releases a red colour and then it goes green and then this sort of brassy orangey glitter comes out and it makes your bath look so festive and beautiful! It's very sweet again and citrus smelling!

Bombardino Bath Ballastic (£2.50)
Now they always say that the best things come in small packages and this being one of them! I may have discovered my favourite bath bomb from Lush, maybe ever? The only down side to it being the earful I got from my dad for the yellow rim left around the bath tub! It has cocoa butter in it and when I tell you it softens your skin, it really does. I didn't know about the cocoa butter in it until after my bath because my skin felt, both in and out of the bath, so damn soft! It smells like sweet citrus and you can view the demo here!

Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic (£3.50)
And last but most definitely not least is Golden Wonder, another repurchase and this one just seems so special and definitely the most luxurious out of the bath bombs I bought. It actually rattles as if there's something inside which is amazing! I'd try not to handle it too much as it's coated in golden glitter but it makes your bath more fantastic. The colours that come out of it are lovely, it goes pretty much multicoloured but it then settles into a green and it also omits loads of tiny gold stars, it's so pretty! It's another citrus smelling one (theme much?) Watch the demo here

So that was my mini Lush haul, I absolutely love Lush and they also have great gift sets for Christmas so they're really worth checking out, as I know I'd personally love to receive one this year!

Have you tried this before? What's your favourite bath bomb from Lush?


Christmas Wish List 2013 - Fashion & Accessories

So here we have the second part of my Christmas Wish List, featuring all things fashion and accessories and a random one thrown in there for good measure.

Tartan Scarf(ves)
I just cannot get enough of them and they are such a staple for me in the autumn/winter months. I wear a lot of black as you may know so they are such an easy way to jazz up an outfit without even having to try! 

Zara Everyday Shopper Bag
I was just browsing the Zara website and saw this beauty. I LOVE the colour of it, and it is bang on trend for A/W. It's different than your average black bag but only slightly. It looks very roomy which is perfect for me and it's only £19.99, even more perfect!

Topshop Textured Velvet Croc Leggings
You can't really see them in this photo but if you click here, you can see them zoomed in. I think they're amazing! They may look like a standard pair of leggings until you look closer and I think they provide a nice hint of detail and texture to my assumed all black outfit! 

ASOS Touch Screen Mittens
They can be found here, I also found these alternatives which are just as beautiful and I don't know which I prefer! Touch screen mittens?! I want need these so badly! And they've got strings attaching them which is perfect for people like me who have a habit of losing my gloves and they'd go with pretty much anything! 

Marc Jacobs iPhone Cases
Both of these designs take my fancy, I'm not sure if they sell the pink one anymore, but I think it's so sweet! I went into Selfridges the other day and saw the gold one and it immediately caught my eye! I think it's pretty damn cool and my phone thinks so too.

H&M Bedding 
This is a recent discovery of mine, and as you may know I've become the teeniest bit obsessed with bedding and I love this houndstooth one from H&M and it also makes it easier to buy cushions etc because it's monochrome and I didn't know if you already knew but I'm addicted to monochrome.. 

What's on your Christmas Lists for fashion/accessories this year?


Christmas Wish List 2013 - Beauty

So here we have my my Christmas Wish List, Beauty Edition! Right so before you all jump in at once and buy me all of this (as much as I'd appreciate that) I thought this would be a good way of showing what I'd personally and in an ideal world would LOVE to receive this Christmas and I also thought it would give you some ideas potentially for your personal beauty Christmas shopping or as gifts for your friends and family this year!

Yankee Candle
To be quite honest, I will humbly accept any candle. I just used a Yankee Candle as an example because they are good quality candles. Specifically in the 'Vanilla Cupcake' scent because I am a complete sucker for anything that smells sickly sweet!

Tweezerman Tweezers
Now about 2 months ago, I was a firm believer that tweezers were tweezers, until my mum let me try her Tweezerman ones and oh my god. They were just amazing, it was like I didn't even have to try and pluck my eyebrows, they totally did all the work for me and most importantly I didn't cry! I need them!

Origins Night-A-Mins Night Cream
This has to be my holy grail night cream, other than the fact I love the smell (it smells like chocolate orange) it is one of my skin saviours especially during the winter. I don't use it every night but only when my skin needs that extra bit of moisture but I'm currently running low on my one!

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream 
If you remember I received this last Christmas in a gift set, and in all honesty I just wanted to see what the hype was and really wasn't expecting to love it quite this much. I use it on any dry patches I have but mainly on my lips before bed. I always wake up with such soft lips and it has also become one of my holy grail items and I am also running out of my current one (typical!)

Origins Gin-Zing Moisturiser 
I've just been dying to try this for quite some time now, and another item I'd like to test whether it's worth the hype myself! Origins moisturisers haven't failed me yet!

Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask
Yet another hyped product that I've yet to try and dying to!

Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder
Are you sensing a little bit of a theme here? I'm a hyped products animal and it is imperative that I try them for myself! It's a matte contour colour which is supposed to look natural, perfect and its a VDM favourite which is just an added bonus!

Babyliss Curl Secret
I think this looks absolutely fascinating! This has also got nothing to do with the fact that I am a complete hair curling noob (technical term) and my hair always ends up curling in different directions and it's usually a bit of a mess. Now I don't know if it's the adverts or if it's actually THAT easy, but it's supposed to be foolproof which is what I need because I may be putting others in serious danger whenever I curl my hair, so I think it's for the safety of the human race that I own these!

Zoeva Brushes 
I hate to say it, but I am getting a tiny bit bored of the make up brushes that I'm currently using, the majority of them being Real Techniques (sorry, not sorry Samantha Chapman!) I've heard a lot about Zoeva brushes being amazing quality and they're not too expensive either! I'm pretty annoyed with myself that I didn't buy any at IMATS actually. So I'd really like some new brushes to play with!

I will be doing a fashion/miscellaneous Christmas wish list next so keep your eyes peeled for that! 

What's top of your wish list that's beauty related this year? Anything you think I should add (if that's even possible)? 


Sensodyne Complete Protection Event!

Bit of a different post from me today, but before I start some of these photos were courtesy of my beautiful friend Mae (www.pastelbambi.com) because I lost my photos in the process of changing laptops! 

Right so I was lucky enough to be invited by Pegasus PR to a the launch of the latest Sensodyne toothpaste, Sensodyne Complete Protection. Now I'm a teeny weeny bit late on this blogpost as this event was back in the summer, but I figured, better late than never! The event, as you can see from the photos above was incredible, it was so beautifully done down to the last detail. The venue was gorgeous and we were given drinks, and nibbles (love me a good nibble) and a goody bag with two boxes of Complete Protection (one in the 'Extra Fresh' flavour) and a toothbrush which I thought was fab.

We were then given an in depth talk and presentation about the product and after that the fun kicked in! They had an ice cream station which I may have taken one too many trips to, and a buzzer game shaped like teeth and if you completed it in the quickest time you won an iPod! 

Anyway, so onto the science-y stuff, what makes this Sensodyne toothpaste different from any other one I hear you ask! Well it contains NovaMin which is clinically proven to treat tooth sensitivity by building a protective layer over vulnerable areas of the teeth as well as gently whitening! What's not to love?! I have quite sensitive teeth as I am quite partial to the 'occasional' Coke, and I am already a fan of Sensodyne products as I do find that they do in fact relieve my tooth sensitivity so I was ecstatic to try it out! 

It is available from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Sainsburys and all other leading retailers, priced at £4.29

Do you have sensitive teeth? Apparently 71% of daily toothpaste users suffer from sensitive teeth, however only 1 in 3 buy a toothpaste catering to sensitive teeth needs. 

Have you tried this before? If so, what are your thoughts?