Christmas Wish List 2013 - Fashion & Accessories

So here we have the second part of my Christmas Wish List, featuring all things fashion and accessories and a random one thrown in there for good measure.

Tartan Scarf(ves)
I just cannot get enough of them and they are such a staple for me in the autumn/winter months. I wear a lot of black as you may know so they are such an easy way to jazz up an outfit without even having to try! 

Zara Everyday Shopper Bag
I was just browsing the Zara website and saw this beauty. I LOVE the colour of it, and it is bang on trend for A/W. It's different than your average black bag but only slightly. It looks very roomy which is perfect for me and it's only £19.99, even more perfect!

Topshop Textured Velvet Croc Leggings
You can't really see them in this photo but if you click here, you can see them zoomed in. I think they're amazing! They may look like a standard pair of leggings until you look closer and I think they provide a nice hint of detail and texture to my assumed all black outfit! 

ASOS Touch Screen Mittens
They can be found here, I also found these alternatives which are just as beautiful and I don't know which I prefer! Touch screen mittens?! I want need these so badly! And they've got strings attaching them which is perfect for people like me who have a habit of losing my gloves and they'd go with pretty much anything! 

Marc Jacobs iPhone Cases
Both of these designs take my fancy, I'm not sure if they sell the pink one anymore, but I think it's so sweet! I went into Selfridges the other day and saw the gold one and it immediately caught my eye! I think it's pretty damn cool and my phone thinks so too.

H&M Bedding 
This is a recent discovery of mine, and as you may know I've become the teeniest bit obsessed with bedding and I love this houndstooth one from H&M and it also makes it easier to buy cushions etc because it's monochrome and I didn't know if you already knew but I'm addicted to monochrome.. 

What's on your Christmas Lists for fashion/accessories this year?


  1. The pants look amazing ! xx

  2. Hello, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    Go to my blog for the details

  3. hi darling :) I realised I never commented on your blog before! There you go! I love the tartan scarf and thw zara bag :D btw I saw a burgundy office city bag in a small size on their website and I'm obsessed with it now! That's definately on my wishlist :)