Long time, no blog, but it's good to be back!

You guys are aware that I am lucky enough to be able to work with MyLittleBox, a monthly subscription box that are filled with beauty, fashion and lifestyle goodies. However this month I was pleasantly surprised to see that this box was themed by one of my favourite YouTubers, Fleur de Force AND Christmas! The box is beautifully designed and has to be one of my favourites to date!

The box featured some present wrapping must-haves such as some black and white string, unbelievably cute gift tags and some decorated masking tape that had be pre-cut into perfect pieces. This was amazingly timed as I was left with a couple of presents left to wrap and no more gift tags, so much appreciated MLB!

The beauty bits that featured in the box was a 15ml L'Occitane Precious Cream which is a facial moisturiser which is targeted at reducing lines and wrinkles, a 100ml Cowshed 'Wild Cow' Invigorating body lotion which is scented with lemongrass, ginger and rosemary (yum!) and finally one of their own beauty products, a vibrant red with a hint of pink lipstick which is supposed to suit a range of complexions and hair colours, therefore they've dubbed it the perfect lipstick!

The fashion item was a little black, sparkly headband, perfect for keeping your ears toasty through the winter months!

I can't tell you how much I love My Little Box. It's honestly the loveliest surprise to receive this box every month and discovering what goodies I've got this month!

If you're interested in signing up or even giving a subscription as a super late Christmas present, you can find out more here.

Thanks for reading!




I think I've found my new calling in life... to be a SFX make up artist! My lovely friend Millie asked if I would like to receive some Halloween fancy dress bits and bobs from the shop she works in called Revamp Fancy Dress in Brighton and of course I said yes! I've never done something so creative on my channel before, oh my channel? Yes I uploaded the tutorial on there if you're interested in seeing how I achieved this look. So ANYWAY after that seriously shameless plug, I am in love with this look that I created and I would wear it every single day if I could!

The contacts were very difficult to apply (as I am a contact lens virgin) and boy, oh boy, did they sting once they were in but after some blinking they sat comfortably. The pain had nothing to do with the contact itself as they are actually really comfortable and after a couple of minutes, I barely noticed that it was in there! The Liquid Latex was ridiculously fun to use and I think in my next attempt I'm going to go all out when using it to achieve and even more gory wound!

Hopefully this post has given you a bit of inspiration if you were lacking, for something to dress up as for Halloween and I couldn't help then why don't you head over to the Revamp Fancy Dress website which you can find here, and browse their huge collection of outfits and make up for you to hire or buy with an added bonus of next day delivery (hurrah!).

For a full list of the products I used for this look, head over to my channel and they are linked in the description of my video.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?


Going Back To My Teens With St Ives

I was kindly invited to a St Ives event last week and boy was it a good one! Genuinely one of the nicest events I've been to! I was greeted with the option of having alcohol, or a smoothie and strangely enough I went for the smoothie! I had the apricot smoothie, which was so nice I had to go back for round two! We were even given the opportunity to make our own face masks, which was not only super fun, it was felt fantastic once applied. I made the 'Intense Hydration' mask (pictured above) which included avocado, honey and coconut oil, which are three of my favourite things! It smelt great, felt great and did my skin a lot of good! Feel free to make one yourself!

As for the products, I used to use the St Ives Apricot Scrub when I was maybe about 12/13 years old, and I think it was probably the first skincare stuff I used! It's great for younger skin as it's oil free and it contains 100% natural exfoliants. I think it's nice to take it back to basics for once, it's so easy to get caught up in the hyped skincare products around at the moment that cost an arm and a leg, that we forget that sometimes basics are best! 

I was gifted the 'Invigorating Apricot Scrub' which targets all skin types, the 'Gentle Apricot Scrub' for dry sensitive skin (both £5.10) and finally the 'Invigorating Body Scrub' (£5.49). I was really happy to see that they had a one for sensitive skin as my skin dries out massively in the winter. As I mentioned in my 'Get Unready With Me' video on my channel, the sensitive scrub is actually quite gritty for an apparent 'gentle' formula, however it didn't aggravate my skin at all and in actual fact it left it feeling really smooth! The body scrub is just as great if I'm being honest. I've mentioned in a video before that when it comes to body scrubs I like them to stick around. There was a scrub I had that disintegrated once in contact with water that was useless, however this one is super gritty and does a great job at exfoliating and getting rid of all the dead skin! 

I think I've rekindled my teenage love for St Ives! Why not keep it cheap, cheerful and natural? 


Beauty Wishlist #2

I'm actually very surprised that there hasn't been more of these posts because I'm constantly lusting after products on a near enough daily basis, I have a feeling I might even opened my previous Beauty Wishlist with the same line!

Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Mascara
This is all down to Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup (as usual). I watched her September favourites and she completely sold this mascara to me. The brush is so bizarre but from what I've read elsewhere, it is supposedly made so that it captures every single lash which is great because I really struggle to get the inner lashes and they're usually left half coated in whatever eyeshadow on that day because I can't reach them. The brush looks slightly tapered at the tip as well which makes me wonder that because it's a Japanese brand, the creator has catered to the hooded eye which I have semi have.

LORAC Pro Palette
Another VDM and in fact most of the beauty blogger community's fault for me wanting needing this. I am an absolute sucker for a neutrals palette, but aren't we all in reality? I can't be the only one who apparently collects them! Although funnily enough the Lorac Pro appears to have some shades that I actually don't own! I haven't heard anything but raves about this product which is why I regret it big time not trying hard enough to find it whilst I was in New York!

Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Perfume
This is the latest release from Jo Malone and boy is it a good one! I'm not actually a massive fan of the Jo Malone fragrances in general. I have the Blackberry and Bay fragrance and it's just too strong and it makes me feel a little queasy after a while. I'm the same with the Diptyque fragrances, they're all a bit overpowering and granny-ish for my liking. This one however falls under the 'Woody' scents category and I've developed a love for anything wood scented. My mum has the Tom Ford 'Oud Wood' perfume and it is to.die.for. This perfume seems a little more focused towards a younger audience as it's not as mature smelling. Definitely give it a sniff if you're ever near a Jo Malone counter!

Tom Ford Contouring Cheek Colour Duo 'Softcore'
The more I look at this, the more I NEED it. It is absolutely stunning. Both the highlight and the contour shade are indescribable. To me, it looks as if the contour shade is a plummy shade which is different to what I'm used to contouring with, however I think it will be nicely season appropriate! The website states that it has rich emollients in it give a cream finish feeling on the skin which I love, I definitely prefer a cream product over a powder anyday! You can always have faith in a Tom Ford product anyway so I have no doubts that I'll love it to pieces.

Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar
I think the range that Zoe has brought out is absolutely adorable and I think she's done everything right from the products to the pricing. However the thing I'm most intrigued about is the 'Fizz Bar'! It's no secret that I'm a bath person and I just think the idea is really great, sometimes I don't want to use a whole bath bomb or when it comes to the bubble bars from Lush, they just get a bit messy and no one wants that!

What beauty products are on your wishlist at the moment?


My Little Box Launches In The UK! *

It's already a Parisian phenomenon and on the 3rd of September My Little Box launched in the UK! They are themed boxes that once you subscribe, will receive every month. 'So what comes in the boxes', I hear you cry! Well I can tell you!

  • Must-have travel sized samples from their partnered brands (of which are absolutely amazeballs) Kiehls and Laura Mercier to name a few! See them here to get an idea of what to expect: http://www.mylittlebox.co.uk/brands
  • A beauty product from their own in-house beauty range called 'My Little Beauty'
  • Fashion and lifestyle accessories 
  • A magazine called 'My Little World' which is written by bloggers from all over the world
  • Cute illustrated extras from their extremely talented illustrator Kanako, who I had the pleasure of meeting and she makes it all look so easy!

How much will it cost you a month? £11 a month + £3.95 P&P and you can cancel whenever suits you. You can also treat a friend and pay for a set amount of months, which I think would make a great gift, especially with Christmas coming up! 

I think they're great little boxes and don't you think it would be lovely to receive something so cute in the post each month?! I used to be a subscriber of Joliebox and Glossybox but the samples were so hit and miss, absolutely tiny and definitely not worth the money that they said they were. Whereas with My Little Box, I really feel as if you're really getting your money's worth! 

Find out more about them and how to subscribe on their website here: http://www.mylittlebox.co.uk/home

Will you be subscribing? 


The Body Shop Colour Crush Nail Varnish

Having become a recent Body Shop addict, I was absolutely buzzing to find out they were launching a nail varnish range, I mean, why not? They have skincare, body care and make up, so it would only make sense for them to bring out nail varnishes. There are 26 shades which are all very wearable ranging from summery colours to the deep autumn/winter colours, so I definitely think they've ticked every box so far. So while I was having a browse, the saleswoman suggested the navy because it was her favourite, she was actually wearing 'The Body Shop Green' which as you can imagine is their signature green colour used in their logo. I have recently become rather obsessed with navy shades and I think navy maybe the new black for Autumn, so I bought the shade 'Crazy For Blue'.

The saleswoman also told me that the nail varnishes have actually been a long time in the making as they've been trying to make them absolutely perfect. Apparently they've made them so they don't stain your nails which is one of my biggest insecurities. I can't let my nails breathe because they're stained so I cover them with nail varnish which stains them... It's a vicious cycle. So when she told me that they made them so they don't stain nails, it was like music to my ears!

They are very pigmented and you could easily get away with one coat, but obviously to be safe I always do two. They dry quite quickly and shiny also. I had a bit of a strange experience with them actually, the first time I tried it, it stayed for a good 4-5 days, but once I'd reapplied it, it just about lasted a day. I don't think I did anything different application wise but it was very strange. They are £5 so not bank breaking and definitely on par with normal drugstore prices. I will be looking into investing in some more for sure!

Will you be heading to your nearest Body Shop to pick up one of these?


Coconut Water Shampoo & Conditioner by OGX

OGX, formerley Organix (which personally I think looks and sounds better than OGX) brought out possibly the most perfect sounding shampoo and conditioner ever. I LIVE for anything coconut scented or tasting,but funnily enough I detest coconut water itself. However while I was in New York and I saw these, I could help but grab the bottle and give it a sniff and my god do these smell insanely good enough to eat! I've actually now finished both bottles *cries* there was some serious, serious rationing going on! 

Not to brag, but in general my hair is in pretty good condition so shampoos and conditioners don't really show much difference in my hair anyway. If you're looking for a bit of haircare that makes your hair feel really soft and smell like a tropical island then these are your guys. 

I like the variety that OGX produce, I used to be obsessed with their Argan Oil products and to substitute the coconut water range, because they don't actually sell it in the UK at the moment, I went ahead and got the next best thing which was the Coconut Milk shampoo and conditioner. I think they're a cheap and cheerful brand that get the job done and I think I will always return to their products.

Have you got any haircare recommendations that you think I should try?


The Body Shop Aqua Boost Sorbet

I'm already a massive fan of the Body Shop's Vitamin E range, in particular the Serum-In-Oil (which I mentioned in my 'Updated: Skincare Routine' blogpost, so with the launch of this bizarre yet fascinating sounding product, I just had to try it out as I'm always on the lookout for a new moisturiser.

LOVE the smell, but as for the texture, I can't quite put my finger on it. When you apply it to your skin it feels really bitty and slightly strange. I only use this in the daytime before I apply my make up and the bitty-ness doesn't seem to affect the application of my make up at all, so all is forgiven. I really appreciated using this a couple of weeks ago when it was boiling hot as the 'sorbet' aspect of the cream, well it's more like a gel, just felt so refreshing after a shower. It's super cooling however if that sounds unappealing to you, it only lasts a mere couple seconds so no biggie.

As for it's moisturising ability, I would say that it is moisturising but it's not the best that I've tried. It does sort the tightness I get in my skin after showering but I've not noticed any 'aqua boosting' or a sudden moisture surge after using it. It promises a 24 hour moisture quench, which I suppose I could agree with but my skin is pretty normal so I don't think I'd notice any dryness throughout the day anyway. Maybe if I had severely dry skin, it would have more of an effect on me. It's a good product, but I wouldn't be in any rush to purchase it again, I don't think.

Does anyone with dry skin find this helps? I'd be really interested to know!


Tanya Burr's Style Picks with VERY.CO.UK

I was extremely lucky to be able to attend the Very VIP event which featured Tanya Burr's picks from their Autumn Collection. The event itself was impeccably done, there was a photo booth, rails upon rails of Tanya's picks which were available for you to drool over at your leisure, cocktails that tasted like cupcakes, and cupcakes that tasted like cocktails and of course the beautiful Tanya Burr herself, who was absolutely rocking a jumpsuit from the collection.

Having religiously watched Tanya for just over 3 years now, I think it's safe to say that the items that she chose are indeed 'very Tanya'. There are some printed dresses which suit her amazing figure gorgeously (pictured above) but there are also a handful to suit a number of figures as well. It was nice to see some autumnal florals featured in there. Most of the collection is very versatile as a lot of the pieces are easily transitioned from day to night, which I think perfectly shadows Tanya's lifestyle which I thought was a nice personal touch.

Some of my favourites pieces which you can view on the website here, have to be:

We were luckily gifted any of the items on the rails so I picked two of the bags , that yes, are exactly the same in different colours, but there was something very Céline about them and I cannot get enough, I'm especially obsessed with the camel and navy bag which are two of my favourite colours together and so autumnal. 

Overall I think she's picked out some stunning and on trend pieces, so well done Tanya! 

Shop or browse Tanya's Picks here!

With the lovely lady herself and her the just as lovely Jim Chapman! 


NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Rimmel Apocalips Lip Velvet Mattes!

 Top : Atomic Rose | Bottom: Meteoric Matte

You must be bored to death of me reviewing liquid lipsticks but I am, if you couldn't already tell, smitten. If you know me even the smallest amount you will know that I love the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets more than life itself, and when I saw this new launch from Rimmel in Superdrug I thought they could have been were a potential competitor. I felt kind of 'meh' towards the original Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers however I thought these may have been the products to change my mind.

There are 5 shades in this collection and I would happily use every single one of them. I did want the orange one 'Orange-ology' but I decided on the nude (for everyday use) and the plum shade (season friendly). Rimmel describe these as 'weightless liquid colour with a velvety smooth finish, which I must agree with. They feel very 'movementy' on the lips if that makes sense, they don't feel like they are going to set which of course does not guarantee staying power. I must say while I was taking the above photos and I had drawn slightly over my lip line, I used a tissue to wipe away the excess and it came straight off which was of course great in that situation but probably not great for everyday wear. But then again, although it is nice that the Bourjois ones last forever, they are a massive bitch to get off! They are extremely pigmented though, I'll give them that. One downside to them is that don't smell or taste pleasant AT ALL. It actually made me feel a little ill. They taste a little grandma-y (don't ask how I know that!) I wouldn't say they were completely matte either.

However if you're looking for a semi-matte, pigmented, not so long lasting, odd tasting lip colour then they are the ones for you. But if you're looking for a pigmented, extremely long lasting, completely matte, better tasting lip colour then the Bourjois ones are definitely the better option.


Autumn Lookbook 2014 : What I'll be Wearing This Season!

I put together a couple of outfit ideas and I know that I'll be wearing these non-stop this Autumn as well. I think my favourite has to be the second look, if you watch my videos you'll know I am a massive fan of the masculine/androgynous look at the moment and I'm completely obsessed with the Primark coat, it's so snuggly and so warm.  The bags that I'm wearing in the first and third outfits I was luckily gifted at the Very VIP event with Tanya Burr as their new ambassador. They were part of her picks and I absolutely adore the colours of them, especially the camel and navy colours, they just scream Autumn to me!

Which is your favourite?

Sunglasses- H&M
Watch - http://bit.ly/1oO9sPS
Nails - http://bit.ly/1rguAjw
Duster Coat - http://bit.ly/1CzKMVH (the tall version is half price!)
T-Shirt - http://bit.ly/1xmOXnI
Jeans - http://bit.ly/1u7Ns92
Shoes - http://bit.ly/WqtSI3
Bag - Tanya Burr's Very.co.uk picks (not online yet, luckily gifted)

Sunglasses - http://bit.ly/1rJaoum
Shirt - http://bit.ly/1oOdkR5
Jumper - http://bit.ly/1qCOEig
Coat - Primark
Jeans - http://bit.ly/1vYtsI7
Bag - 'Chanel'
Shoes - Primark

Scarf - http://bit.ly/1xmSlij
Jacket - http://bit.ly/1nBghFi
T-shirt - ASOS
Jeans - http://bit.ly/1vYtsI7
Shoes - Primark
Bag - Tanya Burr's Very.co.uk picks (not online yet, luckily gifted)


Primark Clothing & Homeware Haul

And she's at it again.... this is absolutely no exaggeration whatsoever, but there hasn't been a week where I haven't popped into Primark and bought at least one thing. Is there a Primark Anonymous somewhere, or should I start one up? #PRAYFORKAS

I picked up some absolutely amazing things this month (week!) that I'm sure I'll be wearing for a while now. I just can't wait for the weather to cool down so I can wear my beautiful new coat with pride. I also picked up some super cute homeware bits and bobs so feel free to check out what I got!


Christian Louboutin Launches Nail Varnish Range!

 Left - Bengali | Right -Sevillana

By far the most exciting and unrivalled product I have ever, and probably will ever feature on my blog. I actually had no idea that these were being launched until my beautiful friend Nina Vee did a review on her YouTube channel with the original 'Rouge Louboutin' which is supposed to be the same red as the bottom of his shoes, so if you'd like to check out the how they apply then head over to her channel.

I don't believe there has ever been anything this aesthetically pleasing on the beauty scene than this, it features an incredible stiletto shaped handle to imitate his shoes and the beautiful geometric bottle which just adds an element of class and extravagance. 

Bengali (the pink one) is actually my mum's but she let me borrow it for the purpose of this blogpost, so thanks mum ;) I decided to go for the dark plum/burgundy shade because it's practically all I wear in the Autumn/Winter months. Their colour selection is really great though, there are 30 shades and they are separated into three categories, ten in each. The first is called 'The Pops' which are all vibrant, bright colours, which 'Bengali' features in. The second is 'The Noirs' which caters to all the darker, more vampy colours where you'll find 'Sevillana'. The third and final one is called 'The Nudes', which, you guessed it, features all the nudes. The whole collection caters to everyone and I would happily use every single colour.

It retails for a stonking £36 from Selfridges and Harvey Nichols in the UK, but they would make great gifts especially if you're after the 'wow factor'! 

Check out Nina's video here for more info! 

What are your thoughts? Am I completely bonkers for spending £36 on a nail varnish? Or being a designer brand, does that make it okay?


♡ 19 Random Facts About Me ♡

1. I will stay in my pyjamas at all costs until I am forced to leave the house - why should I ever have to get out of them unless I have to! 
2. There's a washing smell that I love that I'm trying to hunt down and perfect. So far I've only found the perfect fabric conditioner.
3.  I basically have a permanent cold.
4. I HATE people with no spacial awareness.
5. I used to pretend I was in Harry Potter when I was little, dressing gown as a cloak, chopstick as a wand.
6. If I won the lottery I'd give an equal amount to my parents and drop everything and move to New York without a shadow of a doubt.
7. I can't go a day without unpainted nails.
8. My last 3 course meal if I was on death row would be:
Starter - Tricolore Salad / Dim Sum
Main - Mum's Roast Dinner / Dad's Stir Fry
Dessert - A hearty Apple Crumble and Custard
9.  I hate writing in biros.
10. I'm a seriously good nipple crippler (watch your fronts!)
11. I'm either an extreme introvert or really social.
12. I have absolutely no idea how to cook.
13. Coriander makes me gag.
14. If I could look like anyone it would be Kendall Jenner / Cara Delevingne, partially because of Harry Styles dating both!
15. I can be a seriously awkward person on purpose, but if we meet for the first time I will go out of my way to make sure it's completely unawkward.
16. I used to be head over heels obsessed with the Spice Girls, I used to wear platforms when I was about 5/6 years old (pictured above)
17. When I was a baby, my mum didn't clip me into my pram properly (a bit of material got caught, not on purpose!) and I fell down a flight of concrete steps and I grazed the side of my face (pictured above) and didn't shed one single tear. My mother on the other hand....
18. I used to also be crazily obsessed with the Olsen Twins when they were younger.
19. Coconut is legit my favourite smell and taste ever, except Coconut Water, ICK.

I put up a video as well talking through them in greater depth if you'd care to have a watch!

What would be your last meals ever?


The Holiest Grail Of Lip Products

L-R : Pink Pong| Hot Pepper | Ole Flamingo

L-R : Ole Flamingo | Hot Pepper | Pink Pong

It is no secret that these practically come everywhere with me. The Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets. I've been absolutely worshipping these the past couple of months. I won't lie, when I first heard about them, I did just think to myself that these were just another liquid lipstick but oh my, no.  I started off with Pink Pong which is a bright fuchsia, then bought Ole Flamingo which looks very similar on the lips but the packaging shows it as a slightly darker version of Pink Pong and then finally bought Hot Pepper which is a great red ever so slightly verging on orange. 

What I love about these is that I can actually wear a bright lip with confidence without it smudging with the smallest touch, they last well after meals, drinks and everything. I'd say about 75% of it is still left on after meals, which is a substantial amount and only requires a quick top up. Another thing, they don't dry out your lips so if you needed to reapply, you don't have to take the entire thing off, you can just go over the top and it looks as good as new.

I would love to see them expand the collection and hopefully they will because of the explosive hype that has surrounded them recently. I'd love to see them release an orange, and perhaps in A/W a nice deep red, purple and a burgundy! Pretty please, hear me out Bourjois!


UPDATED: Skincare Routine

L-R : Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant £42 | The Body Shop Silky Camomile Cleansing
Oil £10

L-R:  The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil £12 | Boots Botanics Hydrating Eye Cream £6.99 | Lucas' Papaw Ointment $15.99

L-R : Peter Thomas Roth Laser Free Regenerator Moisturising Gel Cream (Sample) | La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo £15.50

L-R : Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream (Universal) £7.99 | L'oreal Skin Perfection BB Cream (Medium) £12.99

I can now 100% say that I am happy with my skincare routine! I've mentioned before that I have normal/sensitive (sometimes)/ dry (sometimes) so it's difficult trying to pin down what products to use to cater to everything, major pain, however I think I've now got it under control. 

The Cleansing Oil is just fantastic. It takes absolutely everything off my face within a minute or so and when I say it takes everything off, I mean everything. It leaves my face feeling really hydrated after using it as well which is a massive plus! I must warn you though, it will not take off the Bourjois Rouge Edtion Velvets, but to be honest, what does take them off?!

The Daily Microfoliant is pricey, but completely worth every single penny, it's lasted me almost two years! It smells weird but it is really gentle, so you can use it every single day without it taking half your skin off. I'm pretty sure that the more I use it, the softer my skin gets. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone!

Moving on to moisturisers, the Overnight Serum-In-Oil has definitely earned its rightful place on my bedside table, it would be under my pillow but it's made of glass... that's just how much I treasure it. I use about 3-4 drops in the palm of my hand and it works perfectly at moisturising my face and neck and keeps it that way until I wake up in the morning and sometimes even after that. It leaves my skin feeling plump and alive! I would also recommend this product to everyone too!

I've been really enjoying BB creams lately, something I thought I'd never say. These two work together really nicely to achieve the perfect amount of sheer coverage and colour that I need for my base. There's nothing worse in the Summer than wearing a heavy layer of foundation that is only going to continue slipping down your face as the day goes on. Add a bit of powder and bingo, I've got my lightweight base that is perfect for enduring the heat!

I also did a video where I talk you through more in depth about my skincare routine if you'd like to check it out!

So there we have my skincare routine! Pretty simple but really effective! 

Let me know in the comments what your holy grail skincare bits are!