Smashbox 'Full Exposure' Eyeshadow Palette + Swatches

 Are words necessary for this blogpost? I think the palette speaks for itself really. I saw it a couple of weeks ago and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it ever since! It really is perfection in a palette. The top row as you can see is all shimmer colours, and the bottom row is all mattes, I think they've chosen a really good selection of neutral shades all to compliment each other. I don't know why but I feel like now I have this I don't need any other eyeshadows (but let's be serious, I always need new eyeshadows) I don't think I could say one bad thing out of any of the shades in this palette, and that is a big deal, especially for me, as there always one or two eyeshadows that are duds and you never really use, but I can proudly say that I'd easily use every single one of these.

They are super pigmented and talking of pigments, the shimmery ones are almost pigment-like as they are quite coarse looking but they apply like an absolute dream and don't clump because of the glitter.

This has actually sold out on Boots.com but they still have stock in stores so make sure you run out and grab one before they're all gone! It retails at £36 which is £1 cheaper than the Urban Decay 'Naked' palettes and you get 14 eyeshadows instead of 12, which is amazing! I haven't had it for long but I'm going to say that I actually prefer this to the Naked palette as I think the colour selection is better and I like the fact that they have equal shimmer to matte shades available, however I do think the quality and pigmentation are the same. It also comes with a brush which is double ended for your eye base and crease blending and some packs feature a sample of their Full Exposure Mascara which is also AMAZING! Urban Decay I'd watch your back!

Kassia xoxo


Becoming a Model with Berenice

 Not my usual kind of post but I thought it was about time I dedicated a blogpost to my best friend Berenice! Today I really felt like going to Camden so she came with me, it wasn't as great as I remembered it to be so instead we decided to do something way more exciting. Quite a while ago, a group of my friends including Bery went to this place called Namco just next to the London Aquarium. I used to go here a lot with my dad when I was little but none of them even knew it existed! So we went on the bumper cars and Berenice and I became obsessed (anything that makes us feel like kids again, WE LOVE!) 

Anyway so we decided to go back and have a bit of a fun evening out, so we had a couple of rounds of bowling (which I suck at FYI) and then we went on the dodgems, just the two of us... we must have looked like the saddest 'adults' in the entire world but we had fun, which is the most important thing! We rounded off the evening by going into the cheesiest photobooth in the history of photobooths and got 2 sets of photos done, so we have one each! All in all it was a fabulous day, but everyday with Berenice is a fabulous one!

So a bit about Bery...

- She's like the only one that really GETS me, and can pretty much predict everything I do/ have done
- We both have the same sense of humour and laugh at pretty much anything, especially animals doing human things, funny vines and weird pronunciations of words
- She's been there for me through some of my darkest moments in the past and has never ever judged me for them
- We have the best chill days, complete with snacks, duvets, and films and when I say chill, I really mean CHILL. Many a time have we got the biggest feasts from Mcdonalds, snuck it into the cinema and had the ideal chilling experience.
- She comes to the gym with me to motivate me to go (BIG deal!)
- She puts up with me when I have my mental and my drama queen moments and seems to make everything a lot more normal and keeps me grounded

So there we go, obviously there is a lot more about her but I won't bore you with facts about someone you don't know! I love my best friend incredibly much and I honestly don't know where I'd be without her! Who else would I call 5 times a day without them getting annoyed with me?! 

Kassia xoxo


Drugstore VS High End : Charles Worthington Texturising Spray & Oribe Dry Texturising Spray

So a lot of bloggers have been comparing the Charles Worthington Texturising spray to the much adored but ever so slightly bank breaking Oribe Dry Texturising Spray so I thought I'd test it out for myself and see if they were telling the truth!

Right so first of all I must say that these are two very different products but they more or less give the same results give or take a couple of factors. I feel the most effective way of comparing them is by showing you in list form (not just to satisfy my list making needs...)

Oribe Dry Texturising Spray £38 300ml:

  • It's a dry spray that instantly adds a lot of volume, style and texture
  • It also doubles up as a dry shampoo
  • Scented with Oribe's signature scent - divine!
  • Leaves no white marks
  • Leaves absolutely no residue, no stickiness, or crispy texture to the hair
Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray £6.99 150ml:

  • Promises the 'backcomb effect', height, texture and volume and that it's non-greasy
  • It doubles up as a hairspray
  • Leaves no white marks
  • Smells fruity, watermelon in my opinion! 
  • However leaves a significant amount of residue and crispy texture
Now with the Charles Worthington spray I mentioned the residue, I don't necessarily feel that this a bad thing as I find it gives my hair a bit more grit and allows me to style it a bit more and that's probably the hairspray aspect of it. I feel like the Oribe one doesn't last as long on me, perhaps because my hair is very long and it takes a lot to style it anyway. I think the Oribe one is better suited for the roots as it acts as a dry shampoo as well and doesn't leave residue, I think with the CW one I'd be worried that it would make my roots look greasy but it's fabulous for my ends! 

I think the CW spray is 100% worth the money I paid for it, and a massive bonus being that I don't wince every time I use it unlike I do with the Oribe one! However there is something special about the Oribe one and I feel almost privileged to own one! 

Have you tried either or both of these? What do you think is better? Let me know what you think!

Kassia xoxo


Nanshy Brushes* | The Review

Left to Right : Angled Buffer Brush - Flat Angled Buffer Brush - Pointed Brush - Flat Top Buffer Brush - Round Buffer Brush 

I was super lucky to be sent some brushes from a company called Nanshy, which was fabulous because I was on the look for some new ones as I was getting a bit bored of the Real Techniques ones (soz Sam n Nic). I'd never actually heard of this brand before and I was intrigued to try out their quality! They're all pretty much multi-purpose and I've found a use for every one of them! 

Angled Buffer Brush
I use this to apply my bronzer and contour and it works really well, the size of the brush and the angle makes it really easy to fit into the hollows of my cheeks and work round my forehead, temples and jawline. 

Flat Angled Buffer Brush
I use this one for my foundation which I never thought I would have done because of its shape. Although it is one of the more dense brushes compared to the normal angled brush it still blends in my foundation flawlessly yet doesn't pack too much product onto my face, perfect combination! 

Pointed Brush
This one was the one I was most excited about as I've never owned a brush this shape before. You could compare it to the Real Techniques contour brush however this is more tapered. On the Nanshy website they mention that this would be perfect for targeting specific areas like concealer on a blemish, however I don't think it's dense enough for that but it works wonderfully for applying highlighter!

Flat Top Buffer Brush
I first used this for my foundation but found it was way too dense for that so instead I used it for packing on my powder and I found it really sets in my foundation. 

Round Buffer Brush
I think this brush would be perfect for applying foundation as it has the right amount of density and movement but I use this for my blush as I find the shape of it is just right for applying blusher to the apples of my cheeks. 

So as you can tell these brushes are very multi-purpose and they can be used in a number of ways depending on your preference! I washed them for the first time today and they wash very well, apart from the one I used for my foundation which took a bit more elbow grease although that's understandable as cream products require a bit more effort than powder products. They haven't shed on me yet which is another bonus and I think these brushes are amazing quality and I haven't picked up a Real Techniques brush since using them (soz again Sam n Nic). 

You can check them out and purchase them here, and they cost £34.95, which is a bit steep however you really are paying for quality here!

Have any of you tried these? Or are you interested in trying to give Real Techniques a run for their money? 

Kassia xo 


Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms | The Review

 So I wanted to wait a couple of weeks before expressing my undying love for these recently released Revlon Matte Balms as I wanted to make doubly sure I was actually in love with them rather than the idea of them. I had a feeling that they would be pretty much made for me as I already loved the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains - yet these were the matte version and I love anything matte because in my opinion, matte = longer staying power.

However I was right (as I always am) and I'm absolutely head over heels in love with these lip products. They have the same minty smell as the JBKBS which is off-putting for some although I don't really mind! I took the swatches of them on my hand photos earlier this evening and the swatches are still very visible! I think they're lasting power is amazing!

So as you can see from the photos above I chose two pretty brave colours and one neutral just to be on the safe side. I had no idea what to expect as I ordered these online from Boots and their images of swatches are abysmal, but I went along the photos from other bloggers who were very lucky to be sent them. However I'm really happy with the choices that I made, although saying that all the colours in the matte range that they've released are all very wearable.

 I was a bit wary of Shameless as I'd never ventured into purple lips before but I'm glad I as I actually really like it! Standout - is probably my favourite as it allows me to make red lips so easy to wear as I'm usually so scared to wear one in case it smudges! And finally Elusive is a beautiful brighter than your average everyday colour which is perfect for Spring!

I'm addicted! How about you guys? Have you tried them? Are you as in love with them as I am?

Kassia x