Becoming a Model with Berenice

 Not my usual kind of post but I thought it was about time I dedicated a blogpost to my best friend Berenice! Today I really felt like going to Camden so she came with me, it wasn't as great as I remembered it to be so instead we decided to do something way more exciting. Quite a while ago, a group of my friends including Bery went to this place called Namco just next to the London Aquarium. I used to go here a lot with my dad when I was little but none of them even knew it existed! So we went on the bumper cars and Berenice and I became obsessed (anything that makes us feel like kids again, WE LOVE!) 

Anyway so we decided to go back and have a bit of a fun evening out, so we had a couple of rounds of bowling (which I suck at FYI) and then we went on the dodgems, just the two of us... we must have looked like the saddest 'adults' in the entire world but we had fun, which is the most important thing! We rounded off the evening by going into the cheesiest photobooth in the history of photobooths and got 2 sets of photos done, so we have one each! All in all it was a fabulous day, but everyday with Berenice is a fabulous one!

So a bit about Bery...

- She's like the only one that really GETS me, and can pretty much predict everything I do/ have done
- We both have the same sense of humour and laugh at pretty much anything, especially animals doing human things, funny vines and weird pronunciations of words
- She's been there for me through some of my darkest moments in the past and has never ever judged me for them
- We have the best chill days, complete with snacks, duvets, and films and when I say chill, I really mean CHILL. Many a time have we got the biggest feasts from Mcdonalds, snuck it into the cinema and had the ideal chilling experience.
- She comes to the gym with me to motivate me to go (BIG deal!)
- She puts up with me when I have my mental and my drama queen moments and seems to make everything a lot more normal and keeps me grounded

So there we go, obviously there is a lot more about her but I won't bore you with facts about someone you don't know! I love my best friend incredibly much and I honestly don't know where I'd be without her! Who else would I call 5 times a day without them getting annoyed with me?! 

Kassia xoxo

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