Nanshy Brushes* | The Review

Left to Right : Angled Buffer Brush - Flat Angled Buffer Brush - Pointed Brush - Flat Top Buffer Brush - Round Buffer Brush 

I was super lucky to be sent some brushes from a company called Nanshy, which was fabulous because I was on the look for some new ones as I was getting a bit bored of the Real Techniques ones (soz Sam n Nic). I'd never actually heard of this brand before and I was intrigued to try out their quality! They're all pretty much multi-purpose and I've found a use for every one of them! 

Angled Buffer Brush
I use this to apply my bronzer and contour and it works really well, the size of the brush and the angle makes it really easy to fit into the hollows of my cheeks and work round my forehead, temples and jawline. 

Flat Angled Buffer Brush
I use this one for my foundation which I never thought I would have done because of its shape. Although it is one of the more dense brushes compared to the normal angled brush it still blends in my foundation flawlessly yet doesn't pack too much product onto my face, perfect combination! 

Pointed Brush
This one was the one I was most excited about as I've never owned a brush this shape before. You could compare it to the Real Techniques contour brush however this is more tapered. On the Nanshy website they mention that this would be perfect for targeting specific areas like concealer on a blemish, however I don't think it's dense enough for that but it works wonderfully for applying highlighter!

Flat Top Buffer Brush
I first used this for my foundation but found it was way too dense for that so instead I used it for packing on my powder and I found it really sets in my foundation. 

Round Buffer Brush
I think this brush would be perfect for applying foundation as it has the right amount of density and movement but I use this for my blush as I find the shape of it is just right for applying blusher to the apples of my cheeks. 

So as you can tell these brushes are very multi-purpose and they can be used in a number of ways depending on your preference! I washed them for the first time today and they wash very well, apart from the one I used for my foundation which took a bit more elbow grease although that's understandable as cream products require a bit more effort than powder products. They haven't shed on me yet which is another bonus and I think these brushes are amazing quality and I haven't picked up a Real Techniques brush since using them (soz again Sam n Nic). 

You can check them out and purchase them here, and they cost £34.95, which is a bit steep however you really are paying for quality here!

Have any of you tried these? Or are you interested in trying to give Real Techniques a run for their money? 

Kassia xo 

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