Japonesque Velvet Touch Foundation | Review

So being an avid lover of liquid foundations and having not really experimented with any other types like powder or cream foundations before, I was a bit skeptical about trying this however my mum bought it for herself and practically forced me into trying it because she'd fallen so head over heels!

I don't even know what to call the consistency of this foundation, it's not really a cream but it's more of a whipped texture. It was quite weird using at first as I was quite unsure how much to use. It comes with a little spoon to help you dig it out of the pot which isn't the most practical method when it comes to applying foundation (especially if you're in a rush!) But having used it a couple of times now I've sort of worked out how much to use to cover my face, which is roughly about the size of the home button on my iPhone (it was the closest thing to me to compare it to!)

It blends in really easily, and I really mean it! It hardly requires any effort whatsoever! The foundation also seems to sink into the skin really well and it doesn't leave a sticky feeling on your face after applying which is an added bonus. It feels really silky to the touch and lightweight on the skin. The coverage is pretty decent considering it's a cream product however it's not the highest of coverages and it has a matte finish.

I think it would be a really good foundation for the Summer time because of how lightweight it is. It would also be perfect for newbies to make up as I mentioned how simple and effortless it is to apply.   This retails for £24 and I picked mine up from John Lewis!

Have any of you tried this? Are you a liquid/powder/cream foundation kind of person?

Kassia xoxo


  1. you look amazing, please do a tutorial on this look!

  2. I love how this foundation feels and its finish, but it seems to have only a light coverage. I'm wondering if you feel the same or if you have an application method that can increase the coverage. I don't really like to apply more than 1 layer because it's so time consuming.

    Ami @ amismagicbox.blogspot.com

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