New York Trip Photos & Must See's!

So here we have some pretty pictures (if I do say so myself!) that I took whilst on my week long trip to The Big Apple. If I'm honest I wish I took more, but I'd already taken a bunch when I went the previous year, so I didn't feel as if there was much else I could capture. It is by far my favourite place to visit in the world thus far and I am still pretty firm on my decision to live there if possible when I'm older! It's just such a beautiful city in terms of the architecture, the diversity of things to do, eat and see, and also the people are all just so damn nice all the time, which is definitely a massive contrast to coming in contact with people in the UK who don't even give you the time of day!

So where to start? We stayed at the Washington Square Hotel which was is a 3 star hotel (which my fabulous mother was not used to in the slightest!), however we thought of it as just a place to crash, sleep and dump our endless amounts of shopping bags and the location could not be more perfect. The previous year we stayed on 5th Ave and it wasn't really our vibe, although yes it's nice visiting Henri Bendel and Bergdorf Goodman, but there's only so many department stores, H&M's and Zara's you can see. Although if it's your first time I would definitely visit those and the basics such as Times Square, the Empire State and take the Staten Island Ferry (it's free!) to see the Statue of Liberty, just come straight back as we really didn't enjoy Staten Island itself! We wanted the trendy, boho vibe which we found out was in Soho. Just outside our hotel was Washington Square Park which is surrounded by a NYU campus, a huge amount of beautiful Brownstones and featured a dog park where you were likely to see many a dog minder trying to keep up with eight dogs tugging them along. We were a three minute walk from Bleecker Street, which was our favourite spot after discovering it after a Sex and the City tour the previous year. It's got amazing unique shops that you won't find over here and lovely restaurants also. A restaurant in particular that I would really recommend that I also featured in my vlog is Da Silvano, which serves insanely good Italian food and is also great for celebrity spotting such as Sarah Jessica Parker (who lives just off Bleecker Street, close to the brownstone they used for Carrie's apartment), Gwyneth Paltrow and Steven Spielberg are all frequent visitors. Basically the whole of Greenwich Village, the East Village, Soho and the surrounding areas are all worth an explore. There are plenty of vintage shops in Greenwich village which can be found here, however I would have to make a special mention of Monk Vintage (MacDougal Street) which was conveniently round the corner from our hotel and that's where I found my Chanel bag for £40!! Soho was also within walking distance and has a mixture of boutiques, designer shops, kooky restaurants, the Kardashian's shop 'DASH' and more importantly a huge Sephora!

We also went to Brooklyn which was a first for both of us and I really didn't know what to expect. We got dropped off on Bedford Street in Williamsburg which had some lovely boutiques and vintage shops and there was a cherry blossom tree wherever you looked. But if you just take a walk down towards the river, you'll come across the most spectacular view of Manhattan that I'd ever seen (pictured above with the colourful rocks). Walking back you'll come across a street called Driggs Avenue, which had a bigger Monk Vintage and a thrift shop called Buffalo Exchange where people come in and exchange or donate clothes and you can sift through the 'mostly naff but occasionally find a gem' rails, and the prices are insanely reasonable, the same goes for Monk Vintage.

I miss New York more than anything, and I had one of the most memorable holidays ever. I've already started saving for my one way ticket back. Fingers crossed!

I hope you found some of these tips helpful if you're stuck on places to visit in New York or even if you were just wanting to know about my trip!

Kassia xoxo