So you may already be thinking that NARS have sold these multiples for quite some time now but woah mama no! These are MATTE. I love anything matte when it comes to make up, matte lipsticks, powders, bronzers, the list could go on. But I've never tried a matte blusher in stick form before! I wouldn't say this was completely matte, I would say it's got a slightly sheeny finish which I wouldn't necessarily say is a bad thing as it makes it so much easier to blend.

They've got a great colour selection : they have 4 blush shades and 3 contour/bronze shades, so you're sure to find something that you'd like but the colour I went for was 'Anguilla' and it's a beautiful peachy pink shade which would absolutely beautiful in the upcoming summer months.

Unlike the old NARS multiples you can't use these on your eyes unfortunately however it still looks super beautiful on the lips and cheeks. You can apply this both wet and dry, obviously the pigmentation is a lot stronger when used dry however the lasting capabilities when applied wet is amazing, and also would be great for summer as cream products are the way forward in hot weather!

To use this dry you can apply it straight to your cheeks or lips from the stick or you can use your finger and use the dabbing technique to blend it in. My favourite way is using it wet, I bought a little spray bottle from Muji which I use alongside it. I apply some to the back of hand and spray a little water over the top, mix it in and then dab it on my cheeks and you can either blend it with your finger or with a brush. It gives such a beautiful, natural, healthy finish.

They retail for £30 which is very steep in terms of the way blushers go, and I'm really unsure as to how long it is going to last because it's a cream product but maybe ask for one as a gift as opposed to buying one yourself! 


Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation

When I was making my list of what to buy whilst in NYC, I made sure this was one of the top must-buys! I first heard about this (and well most of the products I picked up from there) from Essie Button who is one of my favourite YouTubers and bloggers and I always trust her opinion! With her recommendation under my belt, and my love for Tarte products anyway I just knew I'd love this.

I told you in my vlog and video that I got matched with the little shade matcher thing (that's science right there!) to the shade 'Medium Sand', which when I first saw, I was a little taken aback as it looked quite dark but I must admit it matches my skin tone perfectly. The shade range is pretty good but it could be better, but that's the case with most make up brands right?

My one qualm with this product is the fact that it's in a tube, I really hate tubes as I can never judge how much product to squeeze out nor am I able to see how much I've got left. However the packaging of the product makes it's a little easier to deal with, as sad as it sounds,  I absolutely love the lid!

It states that it's full coverage, which I can agree with however only with some building. It's sort of a mousse-like texture which makes it feel light on the skin. It lasts pretty much all day on me, maybe up to 9 hours and after that it tends to get a little patchy. It also has SPF 15 in it which makes it super great for summer as well! It's around £23 for 50ml which I would happily pay again!


Too Faced 'Melted' Lipsticks

I'm going to say it, I LOVE THESE. I was going to say that I wish I picked up more while I was in New York, however I think they're due to be released in the UK really soon, so not that much longer for me to wait to add more to my collection! I'm not sure though, I had a look on the Boots website and I couldn't see them, but it's worth keeping an eye on it just in case! The shades I have are 'Melted Peony' and 'Melted Coral'.

The words 'liquified' and 'lipstick' are like music to my ears. I never wear lipgloss and sometimes I hate wearing lipstick for fear that it will smudge halfway across my face and I wouldn't even know. So I am already a massive fan of these hybrids. They glide on like an absolute dream with the brush-like applicator and they come out very true to colour.

These have INSANE pigmentation and they're matte which of course makes the colour stand out that much more. I have to say the lasting capabilities aren't the best that I've tried, I would say that the coral lasts way longer than the peony, which is strange as they're the same formula however the coral is more of a powerful colour so I suppose that makes sense. They're slightly drying and it did settle into the cracks in my lips after a while, but that's nothing a reapplication won't fix. However for the time that they last, you wouldn't have to worry about them budging for the duration.

I read on Lily Melrose's post that they will retail for £19 which is steep compared to the £12.50 I paid for mine, so after finding that out I'm not sure if the product is worth the UK price. I showed these in my New York High-End video so if you want a closer look then head over there!

Are you more of a lipstick, lipgloss or hybrid person?

Kassia xo