Too Faced 'Melted' Lipsticks

I'm going to say it, I LOVE THESE. I was going to say that I wish I picked up more while I was in New York, however I think they're due to be released in the UK really soon, so not that much longer for me to wait to add more to my collection! I'm not sure though, I had a look on the Boots website and I couldn't see them, but it's worth keeping an eye on it just in case! The shades I have are 'Melted Peony' and 'Melted Coral'.

The words 'liquified' and 'lipstick' are like music to my ears. I never wear lipgloss and sometimes I hate wearing lipstick for fear that it will smudge halfway across my face and I wouldn't even know. So I am already a massive fan of these hybrids. They glide on like an absolute dream with the brush-like applicator and they come out very true to colour.

These have INSANE pigmentation and they're matte which of course makes the colour stand out that much more. I have to say the lasting capabilities aren't the best that I've tried, I would say that the coral lasts way longer than the peony, which is strange as they're the same formula however the coral is more of a powerful colour so I suppose that makes sense. They're slightly drying and it did settle into the cracks in my lips after a while, but that's nothing a reapplication won't fix. However for the time that they last, you wouldn't have to worry about them budging for the duration.

I read on Lily Melrose's post that they will retail for £19 which is steep compared to the £12.50 I paid for mine, so after finding that out I'm not sure if the product is worth the UK price. I showed these in my New York High-End video so if you want a closer look then head over there!

Are you more of a lipstick, lipgloss or hybrid person?

Kassia xo


  1. These look absolutely wonderful! I really hope your right in saying that they will be released here soon!

    Sarah x

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