Primark Clothing & Homeware Haul

And she's at it again.... this is absolutely no exaggeration whatsoever, but there hasn't been a week where I haven't popped into Primark and bought at least one thing. Is there a Primark Anonymous somewhere, or should I start one up? #PRAYFORKAS

I picked up some absolutely amazing things this month (week!) that I'm sure I'll be wearing for a while now. I just can't wait for the weather to cool down so I can wear my beautiful new coat with pride. I also picked up some super cute homeware bits and bobs so feel free to check out what I got!


Christian Louboutin Launches Nail Varnish Range!

 Left - Bengali | Right -Sevillana

By far the most exciting and unrivalled product I have ever, and probably will ever feature on my blog. I actually had no idea that these were being launched until my beautiful friend Nina Vee did a review on her YouTube channel with the original 'Rouge Louboutin' which is supposed to be the same red as the bottom of his shoes, so if you'd like to check out the how they apply then head over to her channel.

I don't believe there has ever been anything this aesthetically pleasing on the beauty scene than this, it features an incredible stiletto shaped handle to imitate his shoes and the beautiful geometric bottle which just adds an element of class and extravagance. 

Bengali (the pink one) is actually my mum's but she let me borrow it for the purpose of this blogpost, so thanks mum ;) I decided to go for the dark plum/burgundy shade because it's practically all I wear in the Autumn/Winter months. Their colour selection is really great though, there are 30 shades and they are separated into three categories, ten in each. The first is called 'The Pops' which are all vibrant, bright colours, which 'Bengali' features in. The second is 'The Noirs' which caters to all the darker, more vampy colours where you'll find 'Sevillana'. The third and final one is called 'The Nudes', which, you guessed it, features all the nudes. The whole collection caters to everyone and I would happily use every single colour.

It retails for a stonking £36 from Selfridges and Harvey Nichols in the UK, but they would make great gifts especially if you're after the 'wow factor'! 

Check out Nina's video here for more info! 

What are your thoughts? Am I completely bonkers for spending £36 on a nail varnish? Or being a designer brand, does that make it okay?


♡ 19 Random Facts About Me ♡

1. I will stay in my pyjamas at all costs until I am forced to leave the house - why should I ever have to get out of them unless I have to! 
2. There's a washing smell that I love that I'm trying to hunt down and perfect. So far I've only found the perfect fabric conditioner.
3.  I basically have a permanent cold.
4. I HATE people with no spacial awareness.
5. I used to pretend I was in Harry Potter when I was little, dressing gown as a cloak, chopstick as a wand.
6. If I won the lottery I'd give an equal amount to my parents and drop everything and move to New York without a shadow of a doubt.
7. I can't go a day without unpainted nails.
8. My last 3 course meal if I was on death row would be:
Starter - Tricolore Salad / Dim Sum
Main - Mum's Roast Dinner / Dad's Stir Fry
Dessert - A hearty Apple Crumble and Custard
9.  I hate writing in biros.
10. I'm a seriously good nipple crippler (watch your fronts!)
11. I'm either an extreme introvert or really social.
12. I have absolutely no idea how to cook.
13. Coriander makes me gag.
14. If I could look like anyone it would be Kendall Jenner / Cara Delevingne, partially because of Harry Styles dating both!
15. I can be a seriously awkward person on purpose, but if we meet for the first time I will go out of my way to make sure it's completely unawkward.
16. I used to be head over heels obsessed with the Spice Girls, I used to wear platforms when I was about 5/6 years old (pictured above)
17. When I was a baby, my mum didn't clip me into my pram properly (a bit of material got caught, not on purpose!) and I fell down a flight of concrete steps and I grazed the side of my face (pictured above) and didn't shed one single tear. My mother on the other hand....
18. I used to also be crazily obsessed with the Olsen Twins when they were younger.
19. Coconut is legit my favourite smell and taste ever, except Coconut Water, ICK.

I put up a video as well talking through them in greater depth if you'd care to have a watch!

What would be your last meals ever?