♡ 19 Random Facts About Me ♡

1. I will stay in my pyjamas at all costs until I am forced to leave the house - why should I ever have to get out of them unless I have to! 
2. There's a washing smell that I love that I'm trying to hunt down and perfect. So far I've only found the perfect fabric conditioner.
3.  I basically have a permanent cold.
4. I HATE people with no spacial awareness.
5. I used to pretend I was in Harry Potter when I was little, dressing gown as a cloak, chopstick as a wand.
6. If I won the lottery I'd give an equal amount to my parents and drop everything and move to New York without a shadow of a doubt.
7. I can't go a day without unpainted nails.
8. My last 3 course meal if I was on death row would be:
Starter - Tricolore Salad / Dim Sum
Main - Mum's Roast Dinner / Dad's Stir Fry
Dessert - A hearty Apple Crumble and Custard
9.  I hate writing in biros.
10. I'm a seriously good nipple crippler (watch your fronts!)
11. I'm either an extreme introvert or really social.
12. I have absolutely no idea how to cook.
13. Coriander makes me gag.
14. If I could look like anyone it would be Kendall Jenner / Cara Delevingne, partially because of Harry Styles dating both!
15. I can be a seriously awkward person on purpose, but if we meet for the first time I will go out of my way to make sure it's completely unawkward.
16. I used to be head over heels obsessed with the Spice Girls, I used to wear platforms when I was about 5/6 years old (pictured above)
17. When I was a baby, my mum didn't clip me into my pram properly (a bit of material got caught, not on purpose!) and I fell down a flight of concrete steps and I grazed the side of my face (pictured above) and didn't shed one single tear. My mother on the other hand....
18. I used to also be crazily obsessed with the Olsen Twins when they were younger.
19. Coconut is legit my favourite smell and taste ever, except Coconut Water, ICK.

I put up a video as well talking through them in greater depth if you'd care to have a watch!

What would be your last meals ever?

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