Christian Louboutin Launches Nail Varnish Range!

 Left - Bengali | Right -Sevillana

By far the most exciting and unrivalled product I have ever, and probably will ever feature on my blog. I actually had no idea that these were being launched until my beautiful friend Nina Vee did a review on her YouTube channel with the original 'Rouge Louboutin' which is supposed to be the same red as the bottom of his shoes, so if you'd like to check out the how they apply then head over to her channel.

I don't believe there has ever been anything this aesthetically pleasing on the beauty scene than this, it features an incredible stiletto shaped handle to imitate his shoes and the beautiful geometric bottle which just adds an element of class and extravagance. 

Bengali (the pink one) is actually my mum's but she let me borrow it for the purpose of this blogpost, so thanks mum ;) I decided to go for the dark plum/burgundy shade because it's practically all I wear in the Autumn/Winter months. Their colour selection is really great though, there are 30 shades and they are separated into three categories, ten in each. The first is called 'The Pops' which are all vibrant, bright colours, which 'Bengali' features in. The second is 'The Noirs' which caters to all the darker, more vampy colours where you'll find 'Sevillana'. The third and final one is called 'The Nudes', which, you guessed it, features all the nudes. The whole collection caters to everyone and I would happily use every single colour.

It retails for a stonking £36 from Selfridges and Harvey Nichols in the UK, but they would make great gifts especially if you're after the 'wow factor'! 

Check out Nina's video here for more info! 

What are your thoughts? Am I completely bonkers for spending £36 on a nail varnish? Or being a designer brand, does that make it okay?


  1. Its such a shame the shade 'Bengali' is a bright pink. My ethnic origin is bangladeshi but I hate bright pinks!

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  2. These are like nothing I have ever seen, one for the Christmas list - definitely!x

  3. I really want the Bengali shade, just toying with the price. Lovely shades & great post! x