Tanya Burr's Style Picks with VERY.CO.UK

I was extremely lucky to be able to attend the Very VIP event which featured Tanya Burr's picks from their Autumn Collection. The event itself was impeccably done, there was a photo booth, rails upon rails of Tanya's picks which were available for you to drool over at your leisure, cocktails that tasted like cupcakes, and cupcakes that tasted like cocktails and of course the beautiful Tanya Burr herself, who was absolutely rocking a jumpsuit from the collection.

Having religiously watched Tanya for just over 3 years now, I think it's safe to say that the items that she chose are indeed 'very Tanya'. There are some printed dresses which suit her amazing figure gorgeously (pictured above) but there are also a handful to suit a number of figures as well. It was nice to see some autumnal florals featured in there. Most of the collection is very versatile as a lot of the pieces are easily transitioned from day to night, which I think perfectly shadows Tanya's lifestyle which I thought was a nice personal touch.

Some of my favourites pieces which you can view on the website here, have to be:

We were luckily gifted any of the items on the rails so I picked two of the bags , that yes, are exactly the same in different colours, but there was something very CĂ©line about them and I cannot get enough, I'm especially obsessed with the camel and navy bag which are two of my favourite colours together and so autumnal. 

Overall I think she's picked out some stunning and on trend pieces, so well done Tanya! 

Shop or browse Tanya's Picks here!

With the lovely lady herself and her the just as lovely Jim Chapman! 

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  1. Lovely post! The event looked like a lot of fun :)