The Body Shop Colour Crush Nail Varnish

Having become a recent Body Shop addict, I was absolutely buzzing to find out they were launching a nail varnish range, I mean, why not? They have skincare, body care and make up, so it would only make sense for them to bring out nail varnishes. There are 26 shades which are all very wearable ranging from summery colours to the deep autumn/winter colours, so I definitely think they've ticked every box so far. So while I was having a browse, the saleswoman suggested the navy because it was her favourite, she was actually wearing 'The Body Shop Green' which as you can imagine is their signature green colour used in their logo. I have recently become rather obsessed with navy shades and I think navy maybe the new black for Autumn, so I bought the shade 'Crazy For Blue'.

The saleswoman also told me that the nail varnishes have actually been a long time in the making as they've been trying to make them absolutely perfect. Apparently they've made them so they don't stain your nails which is one of my biggest insecurities. I can't let my nails breathe because they're stained so I cover them with nail varnish which stains them... It's a vicious cycle. So when she told me that they made them so they don't stain nails, it was like music to my ears!

They are very pigmented and you could easily get away with one coat, but obviously to be safe I always do two. They dry quite quickly and shiny also. I had a bit of a strange experience with them actually, the first time I tried it, it stayed for a good 4-5 days, but once I'd reapplied it, it just about lasted a day. I don't think I did anything different application wise but it was very strange. They are £5 so not bank breaking and definitely on par with normal drugstore prices. I will be looking into investing in some more for sure!

Will you be heading to your nearest Body Shop to pick up one of these?

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