Meet Gavin...

So if you're not a fan of soppy posts, then I suggest you skip this one but I fancied doing a bit more of a personal post today. Is this even acceptable in the blogging community? Do I care? Not one bit!

Now for those who haven't seen my most recent vlog, I say recent, it was back at Christmas... The bearded stranger-man above is actually my boyfriend, Gavin. The reason I'm doing this is so you can get to know him a little bit better as I'm hoping, and he has semi agreed to being in a couple more videos with me. We're probably not going to do the standard 'boyfriend tag' or 'my boyfriend does my make up', I've been there and done that. I want to do some more vlogs and maybe in the future, even some travel vlogs with him so hopefully keep an eye out for those! We are planning on doing a little road trip soon while we wait for him to get more confident on the road as he's only just recently passed his driving test! WOO SNAPS FOR GAV!! 
  1. He's 26 years old.
  2. Gavin is possibly the sweetest, most generous and caring man you'll ever meet, although he's got a little bit of a tough exterior and I've told him off many a time for this, but he can come across a little hostile at first. Once you've cracked open that exterior, he's a little bundle of joy. 
  3. He's got the perfect balance of maturity and childishness. I've got a bit of a playful side to me and he plays along when I want to be silly, which is usually always! 
  4. He always knows exactly the right things to say at the right times.
  5. He's a really good listener, if I've had a rubbish day, he'll just sit there and listen while I basically rant the house down and he'll always manage to cheer me up again and offer me solutions if needed. 
  6. He usually has to have ice cream for dessert at every restaurant we go to.
  7. I could actually be myself in front of him pretty early on into our relationship, I get very nervous about do's and don'ts when it comes to the opposite sex but he's completely acceptant of my weird and to be honest occasionally gross self. He's very non-judgmental. 
  8. He puts 110% into everything he does.
  9. His beard always smells amazing!
  10. He plays guitar and currently in process of writing me a song, cliche, but so cute you must admit. I've heard snippets of it and I have to say he's one very talented fella. 
So there you have a few little facts for you to get to know him a little bit! I feel so extremely happy and safe with him, probably the happiest I've been in a very long time! I hope you're not too cringed out by this but now it's all done and out in the open.  I really hope you'll get to meet him properly soon!