I've got Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup to thank for this absolute mouth-gasm. I'm always up for trying new burgers as I think they are really one of those things that can be really wrong or well and truly, completely right. I also think Dirty Burger have got that tumblr-ific look going on which is always a plus.

I must say I'm going to get the only criticism out of the way first which was universally thought. I went with two of my friends and we all thought that the menu was a bit limited, although for some it could be a good thing as it eliminates the factor of having too much to choose from!

The burger... Well I must say I've dabbled in a fair few burger joints in my time, Five Guys, Shake Shack, Meat Market, Patty & Bun to name a thousand. The name 'Dirty Burger' could not be more correct, there is not one bit of your hands that don't get covered in its contents, so don't go wearing your Sunday best. As for the taste, it was lovely but not the best I've had, but that could all be down to personal preference (FYI the best burgers I've tried have been from Patty & Bun or Shake Shack), however I wasn't left disappointed considering the hype surrounding it, unlike I was at Five Guys.

I decided to share the two sides available with my friend so we could taste test both. The fries were actually pretty good but my favourites will always be Shake Shack's. The onion fries weren't much to my taste as I have a bit of a weird relationship with onions. I LOVE onion rings but if the onions are too big or not sautéed within an inch of their lives I don't usually like them. Theirs were thick chunks of onions, battered. Don't get me wrong they tasted nice and I'm sure if you're an onion fan you'd love them however I think next time I'll stick to the regular fries.

Definitely worth a visit though if you're a burger connoisseur like me and up for getting a bit messy!

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