I went to Brighton for an overnight stay with my boyfriend Gavin as a post-Valentine's Day getaway and the weather was so abysmal that I couldn't take any photos other than of the multitude of food that we consumed. Oh boy... just from looking at these photos just takes me back to those treasured food memories. 

We stumbled into a cute little bakery called The Flour Pot Bakery in attempt to shelter from the rain and we were suffering greatly from 'HANGRINESS' as it was that annoying time between lunch and dinner. It was so minimally decorated that my inner Tumblr interior design blogger was going a little bit crazy! They sell an abundance of beautifully handmade loaves of bread and little dessert type things. We decided to split a flatbread with prosciutto and it definitely tamed the hangriness and then some.

The reason behind our small snack was because we were saving room for our favourite restaurant in Brighton, being The Coal Shed. They do a pre-theatre and lunch menu, which I had as it's definitely not the cheapest of places, which is why we save this one for special occasions, however Gavin went a la carte! I had some lemon and thyme chicken skewers, which were gorgeous and Gavin went for octopus (which is not pictured as I purely couldn't stomach having it on my blog, tentacles and all, ick). Main courses, I had a minute steak which came served with beef dripping chips and truffle butter and Gavin went for a 400g rib-eye steak which he'd dreamt of having ever since he had it for the first time, it's his favourite thing ever. Dessert... I decided to push the boat out and went for something I wouldn't usually go for. A rhubarb and custard fruit fool with miso ice cream and vanilla doughnuts and everything was absolutely perfect!

Then breakfast in the morning, we went to this cute little bar/pub/restaurant thing called Bohemia in the North Laines, we're not very familiar with many restaurants in Brighton and this was the first we came across that did anything resembling breakfast. It was a really nice atmosphere as it was a bit prohibition era themed. Good breakfast, but can you really go wrong with an Full English?!

Please let me know if you guys have any food recommendations based in Brighton as we're always going there and I'd love to try some new places! 


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